Generate B2B Sales from your LinkedIn Profile

Watch hot leads drop into your LinkedIn Inbox

sell more

Generate B2B Sales from your LinkedIn Profile

Watch hot leads drop into your LinkedIn Inbox

sell more


create a buzz

500+ ideal customers targeted every week via your LinkedIn Profile

expand your network

Build up thousands of relevant connections and boost awareness

Stay on prospects' minds

Keep new connections engaged via your regular £100 Plan Posts

sell more

Get into prospects’ inboxes, gain a competitive advantage and sell more

LinkedIn Sales Navigator required


Ideal clients targeted every month

New, relevant connections gained each month, on average

Hot leads generated each month, on average

LinkedIn Sales Navigator required

£199 / month

case study


The LinkedIn Lead Generation system was originally created to help B2B clients discover 100 Pound Social



Average of 36 hot leads getting in touch every month


10 minutes per day spent responding to messages from leads and scheduling sales calls


800+ prospects connected with each month on LinkedIn 


Watch Hot Leads drop into your Inbox

Read messages from Hot Leads received by our LinkedIn Lead Generation clients

LinkedIn Sales Navigator required


How it works

500+ Ideal Clients

per week receive a personalised message* and connect request from your LinkedIn Profile

Highly Relevant

connections visit your LinkedIn profile and join your sales funnel

A Growing Network

of ideal clients develops around you on LinkedIn

New Connections

reply to your sales funnel messages* to express interest in your services

Hot Leads

drop into your LinkedIn inbox on a regular basis

Regular Posts

to your LinkedIn profile (your 100 Posts Plan) keep your new network informed about your business

Sell More

Reply to messages from leads, nurture prospects and schedule meetings with potential clients

*Work with us to perfect your sales funnel messages

LinkedIn Sales Navigator required

£199 / month


Do I need LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

Yes - you need LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Tip: If you don’t current have Sales Navigator, you may qualify a one-month free Sales Navigator trial. Login to your LinkedIn profile and try to upgrade to see if you qualify.

Whose LinkedIn Profile should we use?

Someone senior in your business - the CEO, or a senior director, for example.

How can you target so many people?

Each day, your Social Media Manager will log into your LinkedIn profile and sets our in-house software to target your ideal clients.

We carefully monitor the results of this targeting and work with you to ensure we are targeting the right members of your target market.

Once we have completed our research we put together a comprehensive posting plan and begin to find and create content that will engage your target audience.

How do you know who my ideal clients are?

After signing up with 100 Pound Social, you are guided through your Plan Personalisation Process. During this process, we help you share all information we need to effectively run your social media pages, including sharing full details of your ideals clients.

What messages do you use in my Sales Funnel?

After sign-up, we share Sales Funnel message templates with you. We ask you to edit the templates to include information about your business and services. You have the final approval over all message copy.

How many new connections and hot leads will I get every month?

You can expect to get 500+ new, relevant LinkedIn connections every month. The number of hot leads generated depends on your type of business, the strength of your offering, and you ticket price.

Why do I need to put my LinkedIn Profile on the 100 Posts Plan for this Lead Generation booster to work?

The LinkedIn Lead Generation booster is designed to work alongside your 100 Posts Plan.

LinkedIn Lead Generation does the hard work of growing your network of relevant connections, while your 100 Posts Plan posts warm up your new connections, show them what you offer, and build up their trust in your expertise.

I’ve created a customised social media plan using your website and LinkedIn Lead Generation was not recommended. Can I still buy it?

You can edit your customised social media plan recommendation to include any service you like.

The LinkedIn Lead Generation booster is only suitable for B2B businesses. 

I have more questions!

Awesome, we love questions - pop your questions into our contact form and we'll get back to you in a jiffy!

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