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What is 100 Pound Social?

100 Pound Social is a low-cost social media marketing agency, founded in 2017.

Our team of 40+ UK-based experts provide cost-effective social media and content services to small businesses and startups across the UK and English-speaking world.

Meet our team here.

In which part of the UK are you based?

100 Pound Social is a London-based company.

However, we are a 100% remote company meaning our team members work from various locations across the UK.

WHO WILL BE my point of contact at 100 Pound Social?

Your Customer Success Manager will be your main point of contact.

You can contact your Customer Success Manager via phone or email to discuss your plan. Find out more about our brilliant team here.

How much does it cost?

Our plans start from £100 per month +VAT.

How do I sign up?

Select your plan and get signed up via our website!

What happens after I sign up?

Your 10-day onboarding period starts as soon as you sign up online.

Within a few minutes of signing up, you’ll receive your Onboarding Forms via email.

Once your forms have been submitted, your Customer Success Manager will be in touch to keep you updated as we prepare your plan.

Your plan will go live on the 10th day, or nearest work day, after you signed up.

What is the 20-day money-back guarantee?

We’re confident that you will love our service! However, if you’re not impressed we’ll issue a full refund anytime within the first 20-days after you signed up — no questions asked. This means you can try it out 100% risk-free!

How many posts do you create?

We offer three Posts Plans, including between 3 and 5 posts per week, created specifically for your business by your dedicated Content Creator. If you need more posts per week, you can add extra posts to any plan.

Can you publish my posts to more platforms?

Sure! In addition to the platforms included in your plan, we can adapt and publish your posts to extra platforms from £30/month per platform.

Available platforms: Facebook Business Page, X (Twitter), Company LinkedIn Page, Personal LinkedIn Profile, Google Business Profile, Instagram

What kind of posts will you create for my business?

We recommend a content plan combining 2 types of posts:

Topical: posts highlighting hot topics in your industry to engage and inform your audience, and linking to news articles or media.

Promotional: posts crafted to highlight your services, products, offers and events, and latest news.

See examples of posts we have created for companies in your industry here.

Learn more about our post creation process


How do you know what to post for my business?

As part of your onboarding process, you will be asked to complete an Onboarding Form to tell us about your business, your ideal clients, social media preferences, and more.

Your dedicated Content Creator will then conduct in-depth research into your business, competitors, and target market before creating your first month of social media posts.

You’ll have the opportunity to review the first month of posts, provide feedback, and request one set of revisions to ensure the final set of posts are a perfect fit for your business.

WHO creates MY SOCIAL MEDIA posts?

We have a team of 40+ (UK-based) Content Creators and Editors. You’ll will be matched to one dedicated Content Creator and one Editor who specialise in creating content for companies in your industry.

Your Content Creator will be responsible for researching your business and creating your posts each month.

Your Editor will conduct editorial checks to ensure that your posts meet your briefing and that they meet our high-quality standards.

Can I see my posts before they are published?

We schedule your posts into our Content Panel. 

You will receive an invitation to the HeyOrca Content Panel during your Onboarding Process.

Content Panel is:

✔️ Always included in your first month 

✔️ Included with some plans from month 2 onwards, or available as an add-on

If Content Panel is not part of your plan, you will not be able to preview your posts before they are published to your social media pages.

Can I still post to my own profiles?

Of course — you retain full access to your social media pages and can post as much or as little as you like.

Why is Instagram not included with all plans?

Instagram is a more complex platform and it takes us longer to plan, prepare, and create Instagram posts.

Instagram is a platform option with the £200 and £300 Post Plans, or can be added to the £100 Posts Plan for £40 per month.

How many Blog Articles or Newsletters do I get each month?

The £300 Posts Plan includes up to 2x 500 word blogs or newsletters per month – or 1x 1,000 word blog or newsletter per month.

Other Posts Plans do not include blogs.

You can purchase an independent Custom SEO Blogs & Newsletters Plan and select the number of articles/words you need each month:

  • Up to 2 articles per month (1,000 words) — £120 per month
  • Up to 4 articles per month (2,000 words) — £240 per month
  • Up to 6 articles per month (3,000 words) — £360 per month
  • Up to 8 articles per month (4,000 words) — £480 per month
Where can I publish the blogs or newsletters?

Anywhere! Most clients publish blogs to the blog section of their websites in order to drive their SEO, help their website rank on Google and generate more web visitors.

If you’re on a  Posts Plan, we’ll link to the blogs in your social media posts to supercharge your social content.

Most clients send out the newsletters to their mailing list (via their own mailing list software) or publish them as LinkedIn Newsletters.

Who writes the blogs and newsletters?

We have a team of 40+ (UK-based) writers. You’ll will be matched to one dedicated Writer and one Editor who specialise in writing content for companies in your industry.

Meet our team here.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Nope. Before signing up, you’ll just need to agree to our Terms of Service and agree to provide 30-days’ notice to cancel or downgrade your plan. (The notice period doesn’t kick-in until you’ve reached the end of your 20-day money-back period.)

Tell me about your 20-day money-back guarantee

If you decide your investment wasn’t worthwhile, we’ll give you a refund anytime during the first 20-days after signing up.

This gives you a chance to meet and work with our team, and get a feel for your plan before committing to work with us.

Your 20-day guarantee period begins the day you sign up. After your 10-day onboarding period, you will have roughly 10 days to see your plan up and running before reaching the end of the money-back period.

Do I need to set up a recurring subscription?

Yes. Payment for your plan is taken on a monthly, 3-monthly, or 6-monthly recurring basis. You pick the billing period when you sign up.

You’ll set up a recurring payment subscription and will be billed automatically on each recurring billing date. A VAT invoice will be sent to you after each payment has been made.

If you give your 30-days’ notice to cancel part-way through a billing period, any final payments will be prorated to cover the 30-day notice period.

What is your 30-DAY NOTICE period?

We are able to offer our plans at such a competitive price because we prepare all campaigns 30 days in advance. We therefore require 30-days’ notice to cancel or downgrade a plan.

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