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How Intrapreneur Achieves 24/7 Social Media Visibility with 100 Pound Social

“24/7 visibility was really important to us and 100 Pound Social has delivered that — as well as a consistent flow of incoming leads.”

Simon Ellson, Intrapreneur, an ActionCOACH business


Intrapreneur is an ActionCOACH business, providing professional business coaching in the West Hertfordshire area.

Simon and his team have a combined experience of 50+ years in startup and early-stage business. They have great experience in the ‘how’ of running a small business. Intrapreneur help business owners to flourish and grow with operational efficiency and skilful sales and marketing strategies.


Prior to working with 100 Pound Social, Simon and his team were managing multiple social media channels.

When they came across us online, they decided to try out our services, safe in the knowledge that we offer a 20-day money back guarantee.

How 100 Pound Social helped

Simon had a clear vision when embarking on a relationship with 100 Pound Social; regular, engaging, and consistent marketing outreach for his business.

100 Pound Social also manage the posts for Intrapreneur’s Company LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

In addition, Intrapreneur have two further plans with 100 Pound Social on behalf of their own clients.


100 Pound Social have provided Simon and his team 24/7 visibility on social media and regular leads.

Simon states that 100 Pound Social consistently deliver on content creation which leads to new business enquiries.

“24/7 visibility was really important to us and 100 Pound Social has delivered that.

“Try it, you’ll like it.”

The Next Step

If you’re ready to raise visibility of your company online and generate new business, we’d love for you to work with 100 Pound Social.

Click here to select a plan and sign up.

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