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Referral Scheme

Refer other business owners to 100 Pound Social and:

> they’ll get 20% off their first month

> you’ll earn 15% of their subscription payments for the lifetime of their subscription


Share your referral link below with other business owners (you can’t refer yourself)

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When they sign-up with your link, you get 15% of each payment they make for the lifetime of their subscription


They get 20% off their first month with 100 Pound Social


Choose how to receive your regular payouts:

  • transferred into your bank;
  • donated to your chosen charity;
  • or discounted off your 100 Pound Social subscription.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a referral?

Login to your 100 Pound Social account – or create a free account:

  • go to the Referral Scheme tab;
  • copy your unique referral link;
  • and share it with other business owners.


When they sign up via your link (or within 90 days of clicking your link):

  • they’ll get 20% off their first month;
  • you’ll earn 15% of their subscription payments for the lifetime of their subscription.
How much will I earn each time I make a referral?

Each time the company/organisation you referred makes a subscription payment, we’ll send you 15% of that payment. The amount you receive will depend on the price of the plan they sign up for. You’ll continue to receive the 15% payouts for as long as they keep making their subscription payments.

How do you send me the payments?

Payments can be:

  • transferred to your bank account;
  • donated to your chosen charity;
  • or discounted off your 100 Pound Social subscription.

Tell us how you want to receive payments after you’ve made your first referral.

How does the business I refer get 20% off their first month?

We’ll send them a coupon code that will give them 20% off their plan in the first month. They just need to mention your name when they speak to us and we’ll send them the code.

What if the business owner I refer doesn’t sign up using my unique link?

Drop us a line to let us know the name of the person or company you’ve referred and we’ll ensure you receive the referral payments. Please let us know within 3 weeks of their sign up date to qualify.

What if the business owner I refer cancels their plan or receives a refund?

The referral fee will not be paid if the referred company/organisation receives a refund according to our 20-day money-back guarantee or fails to make their second monthly subscription payment (thereby breaking our terms of service by failing to give 30-days notice);

Referral fee payments will cease if the referred company/organisation cancels their subscription or stops making subscription payments.

How quickly will I receive referral payments?

The first referral fee will be paid 31 days after the company/organisation you’ve referred signs up.

Subsequent referral fees for that client will be paid within one month of the referred company/organisation paying 100 Pound Social.

How often will I receive payouts?

If the business owner you refer opts for a monthly subscription (meaning they pay once a month), you’ll receive monthly payouts. If they opt for a 3 or 6-monthly subscription (meaning they pay for their plan upfront every 3 or 6 months), you’ll receive larger payouts every 3 or 6 months. You’ll always receive 15% of their total invoice.

Do I need to send you an invoice for each payout?

No. In order to receive payouts, we ask you to enter into a self-billing agreement with us (you’ll need to complete a short form – it only takes 2 minutes). This means, we will issue an invoice on your behalf after making each payment to you. If you are VAT registered, this will be a VAT invoice.

Do you pay VAT on referral payouts?

Yes, if your company/organisation is VAT registered and you ask us to send payouts to you directly (rather than to charity or as a discount on your subscription).

Where can I see the Referral Scheme Terms & Conditions?
Where can I download the Referral Scheme Guide?
I have more questions

Please login to your account (or sign-up for a free account) and click “submit ticket” in the top right. Alternatively, you can email your questions to

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