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Read Case Studies from our Customers in Consulting, Recruitment, Marketing & Software about how our Social Media Plans Drive Growth

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Filter Case Studies

“Quality content at a sensible price”: Teacher Availability Sharing Platform Updatedge Develop the “right voice” on LinkedIn

“It’s like we have a whole marketing team behind us”: How Environment Tech AirScan Grow Online

How Non-Profit Tech For Good Developed a Unified Voice on Social Media With 100 Pound Social

How Cosensa Produce Sharable Content on LinkedIn and Facebook with 100 Pound Social

“AI can’t align with our brand”: Kikin Finance Increase Waitlist Signups with Human-written LinkedIn Content

“100 Pound Social Has Breathed Life into Our Business”: Andromeda Solutions’ Expert Social Media Presence

“It’s surpassed my expectations tenfold”: How EK Recruiting Grow on Social Media With 100 Pound Social

“You guys have nailed it”: How Cybersecurity Provider inSOC Succeed on Social Media

Software Consultancy Aruvi Build Social Media Thought-leadership with 100 Pound Social

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