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Grow Your Marketing Agency on LinkedIn With Expert Social Media Content

By Lucy Barton
December 2, 2021

Are You Making the Most of Social Media?

Social media gives your business access to over 4.4 billion online prospects. This is almost equal to 57% of the world’s population. In addition, the average social media user spends at least 3 hours a day across the platforms they’re registered on.

Really, the question isn’t if you should be using social media, but which social media platform is best for you and how you can leverage it to find leads and clients.

For marketing agencies, LinkedIn is a no-brainer. According to a LinkedIn report, 89% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for lead generation, and 62% say that it generates over two times more leads than other social media platforms. 

LinkedIn remains the most effective B2B marketing and sales platform because it’s the platform where you meet businesses, professionals, and decision-makers.

So, how can you use social media content to grow your marketing agency on LinkedIn?

Let’s look more closely at the benefits of great social media content, and why you should be focusing on LinkedIn to attract and engage potential clients.

Setting Your B2B Digital Marketing Strategy 

Fact: Your social media or marketing agency is firstly a B2B business, then an agency. 

As with any other business, establishing your digital presence starts from the foundation of a solid plan. You need the right B2B digital marketing strategy to define your brand’s digital presence, and boost engagement. 

As a business, your digital marketing strategy should include most, if not all of the following:

Whilst all these strategies are important for your agency’s marketing, social media marketing stands out as a low-effort, high ROI, and wide-outreach strategy. 

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Social Media Marketing Strategy

Hopefully this clarifies why your social media agency needs an excellent social media marketing strategy. It’s the ‘how’ that’s slightly trickier. You need to find and engage your audience, generate leads, and close sales. It makes sense that you need to do this where your audience spends most of their time.

Figures show that 90% of B2B marketers include short articles/ posts in their content marketing, using social media content as an integral part of their digital marketing strategy. LinkedIn is the preferred platform for reaching out to B2B clients. 

Your social media strategy needs to focus on these goals:

  • Optimise your social media presence
  • Creating brand awareness 
  • Educating your audience 
  • Lead generation
  • Building brand trust and credibility
  • Client conversion and sales (both new and existing clients)

Because a B2B social media strategy requires a targeted campaign, you need to ensure you reach out to your target audience with precision. 

Some great tips to succeed in LinkedIn lead generation are to:

  1. Optimise your profile. Introduce your agency to the audience, stating who you are, what you do, and why they should sign up.
  2. Create great posts on LinkedIn. Without compelling and targeted content, you won’t collect leads. The content you create on your social media should stir your audience’s interests, and position you as a professional and thought leader in your field.
  3. Design a user-friendly landing page. After meeting you on social media, your website is the next destination for your audience. Make the landing page welcoming, informative, and visually appealing. Don’t disappoint your leads with a sloppy or boring landing page.

Marketing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn marketing involves using the LinkedIn platform to make connections, improve brand awareness, generate leads, share content, drive traffic to your website, and close sales.

B2B marketers use LinkedIn as an integral part of their marketing strategies because it effectively expands professional networks.

LinkedIn gives businesses (and individuals) access to useful features related to brand-building, connections, analytics, and more – we’ll talk about these momentarily.

Why LinkedIn Marketing for B2B Agencies is Effective

LinkedIn is rated the best social media platform for B2B marketing. Why? 

Firstly, as we’ve covered LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network because it was built for business and professional networking. Secondly, the numbers don’t lie (figures from LinkedIn data):

  • More than 774 million people across the globe have LinkedIn accounts.
  • LinkedIn is home to more than 575 million professionals. This number includes 260,000 C-suite executives and 2.8 million decision-makers.
  • More than 55 million companies have LinkedIn accounts. 
  • LinkedIn generates leads 227% more effectively than Twitter and Facebook.
  • 96% of B2B content marketers have used LinkedIn for organic social media in the past 12 months.
  • LinkedIn is best for marketing and driving traffic to mature audiences aged between 30 and 64 or above.

These numbers prove that your business’s target audience is already using the platform on a daily basis. This makes LinkedIn a prime location for your content, where business owners can easily see you, as well as decision-makers, thought-leaders, and other potential B2B customers.

LinkedIn Marketing for Digital Agencies 

For digital agencies, using LinkedIn effectively requires both knowledge and use of the correct tools to create great posts, campaigns and ads that fit your business budget and goals. 

The goal is to take advantage of the array of unique LinkedIn features, and reach more professional audiences. 

How to Build a Working LinkedIn Marketing Strategy for Digital Agencies 

The end goal of any LinkedIn marketing strategy is to get more leads, create brand awareness, engage the audience and generate sales. 

You can do this using three things:

  1. Your marketing goals
  2. Your posts 
  3. Your LinkedIn profile/page

Define Your Marketing Audience and Goals

Whether you’re generating leads, raising awareness or both, targeting is key. 

As a marketing agency, you need to define who your audience is and target them. You can do this by raising your brand awareness among LinkedIn members with job titles such as “social media lead” or “social media manager”. 

You can also target companies that need social media management or marketing services.

Why Should You Post Content on LinkedIn?

There are many reasons to post on LinkedIn. Here are 5 of the main ones: 

  1. Establish thought-leadership. On LinkedIn, almost everyone is a professional. You need to position your brand as a thought leader in your space to drive strategic brand awareness. Thought leadership content is educative and insightful. It includes guides, white papers, ebooks, surveys, and so on. 
  2. Maintain a constant presence for your audience. When you constantly post on LinkedIn, you gain an increased presence in your audience’s timelines.
  3. Increase brand awareness. On Linkedin, your presence, and not your profile, is your brand. Maintaining a constant presence on your audiences’ timelines also increases their exposure to your brand.
  4. Engagement with followers and prospects. For B2B marketers, LinkedIn is the preferred channel for lead generation. It allows you to engage with your current followers and forge new prospects and connections. This is in addition to increased company or brand awareness.
  5. Be part of the community. When you’re on LinkedIn, you’re part of a community. As part of a community, you need to participate in their activities. You can do this by answering questions, conducting surveys, posting educational content, and more! 

What Type of Content Should You Post on LinkedIn?

Answer: Post quality, relative content. You need to post great content that your target audience and prospects will want to read.

What Makes a ‘Great’ Post on LinkedIn?

A great post on LinkedIn should have the following features:

  • Well-written. Be clear, conscious, and direct, and triple-check that tone, spelling, grammar, and flow are correct. Don’t be sloppy in communication. Use bullet points and numbered lists if possible to get key ideas noticed
  • Interesting and engaging content. Don’t be boring. LinkedIn members find fresh ideas more engaging. Publishing original, thought leadership content to help you grow your audience.
  • Not too salesy. It’s tempting to sell the benefits of your service to your audience. But don’t. Often, ‘salesy’ content doesn’t perform well on LinkedIn.
  • Use great images or video content. Your content’s appearance is improved when you include rich media. You can include 1 or 2 images per post or have videos of less than 2 minutes. Live video on LinkedIn generates 24x more comments.
  • Clear call to action (CTA). Remember to have a tempting CTA urging your audience to find out more, and to get in touch with you. A link to your product page or website should form part of the CTA. You can also include free, downloadable bonus content or templates to encourage your leads to contact you.

Types of Content to Post on Your LinkedIn Page

The following are some of the types of content you can post on your LinkedIn page:

Type of Content Description 
Blog posts/articlesYou can create/write an article/blog with 40,000 characters. This is ideal for ‘teaching’ the audience and engaging them on topics of their interest to generate organic traffic.
White papersPublish white papers to help outline problems and provide solutions.
Case studiesUse case studies to highlight your clients’ stories and achievements.
Reviews and testimonials You shouldn’t sell on LinkedIn. So, your alternative is using testimonials and reviews to persuade prospects without sounding too salesy or pushy.
Videos Highlight how your service works. Videos generate more views and engagement. 
Infographics/imagesNumbers don’t lie and visual content is appealing. Use images and infographics to convey short messages or statistics.
Product/service reviews Use product/service reviews to highlight the value and benefits your clients will get from your services. Don’t sound salesy. 

LinkedIn Marketing B2B Content Creation Tips

  • Identify the main aim of your content (brand awareness, lead generation, sales) and repurpose it if necessary.
  • Use company links and industry or community hashtags to target your audience.
  • Create content that relates to industry trends.
  • Focus content on winning your clients’ trust and confidence.
  • Blend different types of content and posts.
  • Create engaging sales copy and use industry-specific terminology.
  • If you’re posting video content, write brief descriptions to tell the audience what to expect.

Optimise Your Agency’s LinkedIn Page/Profile

First impressions are important, and your profile is your first opportunity to impress your audience, leads, and potential clients. 

Optimising your profile and keeping it up to date is an impactful way to improve your lead contact rate. The best way to optimise your profile is to:

  • Aim for 100% profile completeness
  • Introduce your brand and services. Tell the prospect what services you offer and what value they get.
  • Continually optimise your profile with achievements, shoutouts to new clients, examples of your latest work, an up to date link to your website, and a clear CTA.
  • Optimise your employees’ LinkedIn profiles. Your employees’ LinedIn profiles are part of your brand and they need to reflect your services.
  • Optimise your page for search. Make your LinkedIn page reflect your services as a digital marketing agency. Use keywords that are key phrases your prospects are likely to use to search for your service.
  • Share compelling content frequently. Your LinkedIn campaign doesn’t end with creating content. If you share content that your followers engage with frequently, you’ll have a higher chance of your Page appearing in LinkedIn search results.

Why Agencies Sideline Their Social Media

Of course, we realise that this is all much easier said than done. After all, it’s a fact that social media for agencies often gets sidelined. So why is this?

Social media agencies help businesses and companies run social media marketing and campaigns daily for clients, but often sideline social media for their own agency. The main reason for this is simply a lack of time.

An agency, as we’ve discussed, is a business like any other, and when a busy schedule and client deadlines mean that time is tight, something has to go.

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