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B2B Social Media Content Ideas that Work in 2024

By Victoria Lee
February 12, 2024

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through your social media feed, wondering how some B2B companies manage to create content that grabs your attention and keeps you engaged? 

In the ever-evolving age of social media, staying ahead with B2B social media content ideas that genuinely resonate can be a game-changer. 

With 82 percent of B2B CMOs saying social media is their most effective marketing channel, sharing impactful content is more important than ever in 2024.

Over the past 7 years, 100 Pound Social has created top-ranking social media content for 1,000+ B2B businesses. Today, we’re sharing the most effective B2B social media content types to help you reach prospects and impress clients on social media.

Social media content benefits B2B marketing in many ways:

  • Increases visibility;
  • Builds brand awareness;
  • Creates lead generation;
  • And encourages engagement and interaction.

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So, how can your business stand out and make a meaningful impact? 

Let’s explore practical and effective B2B content ideas that work in 2024.  

B2B Social Media Content Ideas

Here are some content ideas tailored for social media:

Share Branded Images

91 percent of consumers prefer visuals to plain text (Forbes). Using visuals in social media posts grabs people’s attention and can increase the post’s reach and engagement levels.

You should create branded images that incorporate your logo and your company’s colours to get the most value out of your images.

This will strengthen your brand’s image and make your company more memorable.

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Turn FAQs into Social Media Content

Using Frequently Asked Questions is a highly efficient way of promoting your brand’s presence on social media, as well as explaining the details of your business and services.

You can use FAQ topics to repurpose existing content – turning it into GIFs, images, and infographics for social media.

The Mailbird YouTube channel, where Mailbird turns its FAQs into entertaining social media videos, is a good example. 

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Share Your Best Case Studies

One of the best B2B social media content ideas is to share success stories and testimonials.

Take the highlights from a case study, and then create graphics you can share on social networks.

Statistics and numbers attract attention so use them when possible.

This is also a great way of letting future clients know about the key features of your product.

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Show Who’s Working Behind the Scenes

Your B2B company probably has amazing people working there. Highlight your employees on your social channels to make them feel important to the brand.

Google has implemented this tactic by creating an Instagram handle dedicated to its employees and their time at work.

Another B2B content idea is to highlight your top performers. They can be featured regularly so your clients know who’s working hard and making an effort for them.

You can also showcase your incredible leaders.

Promoting your workplace environment can be a powerful method to attract clients.

Share Offers or Promotions

Another type of B2B social media content is to advertise special offers and promotions. Deals can encourage clients to take the leap to contact you. These posts also help businesses enhance their visibility. Hashtags can be used to extend the reach of posts among potential clients.

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Announce Company Updates 

Another great B2B social media content idea is to publish posts on social networks to inform your followers of the most recent developments in your business.

  • Did you launch a new product?
  • Have you secured a funding round?
  • Did you start a new initiative?
  • Do you have a new offer for your audience?

Spread the good news, highlight it on social media to create an authentic brand image and let your followers know what new offerings you have.

This is especially helpful for B2B SaaS businesses to tell their clients about the latest news and offers.

Create Short-Form Tutorial Videos

If you want to stand out in the endless social media stream and grab your clients’ interest, video marketing is the best choice.

38 per cent of B2B marketing professionals (NEEDS SOURCE) think that video performs better than other formats.

What kind of video should you create? 

It’s easy: tutorials. 

Videos can be a powerful method of learning. Through short video tutorials, B2B businesses can inform clients about industry trends, procedures, and other important details.

Asana is a great example of how well this can work – it has created a special YouTube playlist with tutorials to guide users through the process.

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Key Takeaways

Have a consistent voice and brand online, using your logo and company colours on every post.

Every thing can be used to create content – from FAQs to staff to special offers.

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