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11 Creative LinkedIn Post Examples

By Victoria Lee
November 16, 2023

[Updated November 16, 2023]

The Best Examples of Good LinkedIn Posts

With a community exceeding 900 million professionals, LinkedIn is a must-have for small business owners and startup founders looking to reach new clients and convert prospects.

After founding 100 Pound Social in 2017, my biggest challenge was to reach potential clients and convince them to invest in our low-cost social media marketing service.

LinkedIn is a goldmine and played a crucial part in the bootstrapped strategy (without paid ads) that allowed me sign up 30 clients in 100 Pound Social’s first month.

As well as facilitating private interactions and approaches via the LinkedIn Inbox (and Sales Nav – which is well worth the investment.), a well-written, thought-provoking post can quickly be shared through your network, drawing attention to your expertise and services and opening doors to new partnerships and opportunities. 

This post explores the DNA of a ‘good post’, shares some of my favourite great LinkedIn post examples, and touches on related strategies to help new entrepreneurs and emerging businesses to grow sales. If you want to jump to a particular section, use the links in the Table of Contents above.

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Be Creative – Good LinkedIn Post Example #1

Creativity on LinkedIn is about combining professionalism with a personal touch. Creative LinkedIn posts should break away from the conventional, offering fresh perspectives or presenting ideas in innovative formats. 

For instance, instead of a standard post about company values, you might share a creative infographic or a short, engaging video that brings those values to life. 

Critical elements of a creative LinkedIn post include:

  • A catchy opening line to grab attention 
  • A mix of media, such as infographics or videos 
  • A fresh perspective or innovative ideas
  • A call-to-action that invites interaction or further reading

This approach helps to draw attention and encourage engagement, as it stands out from the usual text-heavy posts. However, it’s essential to remember that creativity shouldn’t come at the expense of clarity – your message must remain clear and relevant to your professional audience. 

For inspiration on incorporating creativity into your LinkedIn posts, check out this blog on LinkedIn posts for boring businesses, which offers insights on making even the most traditional industries shine on social media.

Caption: This post incorporates a touch of humour in discussing their company culture. Using a video interview, they’re providing insight into the life of one of their employees – a fun and creative way of incorporating this strategy!

Source: Adobe

Ask Questions – Good LinkedIn Post Example #2 

Engagement on LinkedIn isn’t just about broadcasting your message; it’s a two-way street. Asking questions is a brilliant strategy to encourage interaction with your audience. 

It invites your network to share their expertise, opinions, or experiences, creating a sense of community and collaboration. People like to know that their opinion matters.

The key to success with questions is striking a balance between relevance and thought provocation. Your questions should be pertinent to your industry and address your audience’s current trends or challenges. This could range from asking for insights on emerging technologies to seeking opinions on industry news.

Asking questions isn’t just a tactic to increase comments; it’s a way to gain valuable insights from your audience and can inform your content strategy moving forward. You might uncover common pain points that your products or services can address or discover topics for future posts that your audience is eager to read about. 

Caption: This example, created by the 100 Pound Social team, begins with sharing relevant industry facts and ends with a thought-provoking question for the audience. This will not only instigate engagement, but the answers should provide helpful information for the business to implement themselves.

Share Relevant StatsGood LinkedIn Post Example #3

When you share relevant stats, you provide your audience with hard evidence to support business decisions or highlight the importance of a particular topic. 

Including statistics in your posts is a great way to draw attention and add credibility to your content. For instance, you might share a surprising industry-specific statistic that paints a picture of market growth or illustrates a common problem your business can solve. 

When selecting statistics to share, ensure they are current, sourced from reputable studies or surveys, and relevant to your target audience. 

Caption: Above is a post our team at 100 Pound Social created. Sharing relevant stats on EU air pollution directly aligns with the product this company is selling – air quality monitoring systems. By highlighting a problem and providing a solution, you are more likely to generate leads.

Discuss Industry Insights – Good LinkedIn Post Example #4 

Sharing your thoughts on relevant industry insights is an excellent way to position yourself as a thought leader on LinkedIn. 

When you discuss industry insights, you’re not just sharing information; you’re providing your unique perspective on what’s happening in your field, which can establish your expertise and help you build trust with your audience.

Tips to consider:

  • Begin with a bold statement or current trend in the industry 
  • Back up your insights with recent research or data 
  • Share personal anecdotes or case studies to illustrate your point
  • End with a thought-provoking question to engage your audience

When writing these posts, the key is to add value by offering analysis or commentary that isn’t readily available elsewhere. 

You also might begin with a statement that challenges conventional opinions, such as: “Most believe market X is declining, but here’s why it’s actually on the verge of transformation.” These posts can open the floor to discussion and debate, encouraging engagement from your network. 

Caption: This post, created by our team, provides an example of sharing relevant industry insights. They reference a commonly used estate agent but then offer an alternative up-and-coming competitor, suggesting it may provide competition in the market. Sharing such insights shows they are up-to-date and knowledgeable in their industry.

Showcase Your Achievements – Good LinkedIn Post Example #5

Celebrating your business’ successes on LinkedIn is not just about self-promotion; it helps to build credibility and attract more clients or partnerships. 

Whether it’s a milestone reached, an award nomination, or a successful project completed, sharing these moments can illustrate the concrete results of your skills. 

Remember to use a tone of gratitude and humility, thanking clients, team members, or partners who contributed to the achievement. This approach creates a sense of community and encourages others to join in the celebration.

Caption: This post, created by our team, shows how you can celebrate your achievements. Being nominated for an award is the perfect event to share on LinkedIn, as it shows your business is receiving external recognition and is the ideal way to network with other nominees.

Educate With How-To Posts Good LinkedIn Post Example #6

LinkedIn highly values educational content, as it helps professionals grow and excel in their careers or businesses. 

How-to guides are particularly effective because they offer your audience actionable value, helping them solve problems or improve their processes. 

The best how-to posts:

  1. Identify a common problem or question your audience has. 
  2. Break down the solution into a clear, step-by-step process. 
  3. Use simple language and avoid jargon to ensure understanding. 
  4. Include visuals or examples for complex steps to provide clarity. 
  5. Offer additional resources or links for further learning. 
  6. Encourage feedback and questions to increase engagement.

For more tips on engaging LinkedIn content, check out this blog.

Caption: This post, created by our team, breaks down seven actionable tips for becoming investment-ready and links to an additional resource for further reading.

Engage With Polls and Surveys Good LinkedIn Post Example #7

LinkedIn polls and surveys are great interactive tools for creating engagement and providing insights into your audience’s preferences and opinions. 

The best polls involve your audience and spark conversations and debates. 

When creating a poll or survey post, ask a question that is relevant to your industry and encourages your audience to think and respond. The options should be clear and distinct to gather meaningful data. Here are some examples: 

Poll Question TypeExample QuestionExpected Insight
Industry Trend“Which emerging tech will impact our industry the most in 2023?”Gauge industry foresight
Product Feedback“Which feature do you value most in our new product lineup?”Direct product improvement
Event Feedback“What topics would you like covered in our next webinar?”Tailor events to your audience’s needs
General Opinion“What’s the biggest challenge for professionals in our sector today?”Understand common industry challenges

Caption: Interactive polls like these stand out on the feed. They also offer the audience something to do beyond just reading and scrolling.

Source: Mercedes-Benz USA

Show Off Company CultureGood LinkedIn Post Example #8

Sharing your company culture on LinkedIn can attract potential employees and clients by giving them a glimpse of your work environment and ethos. 

Posts that highlight team events, behind-the-scenes moments, or community involvement portray a more positive and relatable image of your company. 

Authentic stories and images of your team not only humanise your brand but are also a great opportunity to celebrate the diversity and individuality of your staff. 

These human moments often leave a lasting impression, making your company not just a place to do business with but a warm community to be a part of.

Caption: This post shares pictures of an exciting team-building event, sure to entice any potential employee, and circles back to the company’s latest launch. 

Source: Laura Hadley

Highlight Partnerships and CollaborationsGood LinkedIn Post Example #9

Partnerships and collaborations can highlight your company’s connectivity within the industry and the collective strength you bring to the table. 

When you share a partnership or collaboration on LinkedIn, you’re proving your ability to work toward common goals and achieve success through unity. 

In your post, share the story behind the partnership, what it aims to achieve, and how it benefits your clients. Where possible, tag the partnering organisations or include quotes from the leaders to add a personal touch and valued perspective.

Caption: This post is an excellent example of sharing a partnership whilst also explaining the benefits this collaboration will bring.

Source: Robbie Hodgson

Share Customer FeedbackGood LinkedIn Post Example #10

Client feedback is invaluable; it offers insights into your performance and acts as a testament to your company’s commitment to satisfaction. 

Highlighting positive feedback on LinkedIn will help boost your credibility and, more importantly, show potential clients the quality they can expect from your services or products. 

Create a post sharing a positive review or a series of testimonials. Ensure you tag your client and thank them for their feedback.

Caption: A post on the 100 Pound Social LinkedIn page, sharing a testimonial from our client, inSoc. Read our case study with Kristian Wright, Managing Director of inSoc, here.

Incorporate humourGood LinkedIn Post Example #11

Who says B2B can’t have a bit of fun? While LinkedIn is a professional platform, incorporating humour into your posts can make your content more memorable and relatable to your audience. 

A light-hearted take on common professional challenges or a funny meme can go a long way in making your brand relatable and helping your message stick. 

When making a humorous post, it’s essential to find the right balance – ensuring that your humour is still appropriate for a professional setting and avoiding any potential to offend. Humour should create a shared experience that encourages interaction and connectivity.

Caption: Adding memes like this post can make your audience laugh and make your business seem more relatable.

Source: The Marketing Millennials 

How to Write a LinkedIn Post

The information above may feel like a lot to take in initially, but creating a LinkedIn post that engages your audience can be fun. Here’s a quick summary: 

StrategyBenefitsImplementation Tips
Creative PostsStand out in the feed, increase engagementUse visual content, tell stories
QuestionsEncourage interaction, gain insightsMake it relevant, tie it to current trends
Relevant StatsAdd credibility, support claimsSource from credible, up-to-date studies
Industry InsightsEstablish thought leadershipProvide unique analysis or commentary
Showcasing AchievementsBuild credibility, attract clientsExpress gratitude, involve the team
How-To-GuidesEducate your audience, provide actionable valueUse clear language, bullet points/lists
Polls and surveysGenerate engagement, gather dataAsk clear, distinct questions
Company CultureAttract talent and clientsUse real stories and images
Partnerships and CollaborationsShow strength through unityShare the story, benefits, tag partners
Customer FeedbackBuild trust, showcase satisfaction​​Share testimonials, thank customers
HumourLighten the mood, increase relatabilityKeep it appropriate, align with brand voice

To increase your reach and utilise the full potential of these tips, tools like the Sales Navigator offer advanced search capabilities, insightful buyer intent data, and enhanced CRM integrations.  

Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile 

Don’t forget, it’s not just about creating great LinkedIn posts. It’s vital to ensure that your LinkedIn profile is optimised for sales. 

A well-optimised profile acts as a foundation for your content strategy. Here are some quick pointers to get you started: 

  1. Have a professional profile picture and cover image that reflects your brand. 
  2. Craft a compelling headline that clearly states your value proposition. 
  3. Summarise your expertise and achievements in the ‘About’ section. 
  4. Share endorsements and recommendations from clients and peers. 
  5. Regularly update your ‘Experience’ and ‘Education’ sections to stay current. 

For more details, check out this guide.

Schedule LinkedIn Posts 

Another point to consider is that consistency in social media is key. Sticking to a regular posting schedule ensures your business: 

  1. Increases brand awareness.
  2. Establishes thought leadership.
  3. Engages with followers and new connections.

Explore tips on the best practices for scheduling LinkedIn posts for your business here.

Note: It may be useful to learn how to win the LinkedIn algorithm to ensure you’re putting your best post forward every time. 

Done-For-You LinkedIn Posts

LinkedIn is a non-negotiable for B2B companies. From its vast network of professionals to its focus on business networking, the platform is integral for brand building and engagement. 

It can significantly boost your ability to get in front of your clients and prospects. By incorporating the tips above, you can quickly establish thought leadership, expand your reach, and enhance your credibility. 

If you want to read more on the benefits to B2Bs of a solid LinkedIn presence, click here.

You can read every tip on the internet (and there are many!), but we understand that maintaining a consistent and professional LinkedIn presence is time-consuming and challenging

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