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LinkedIn: Post Examples

By Victoria Lee
May 16, 2022

Why Your Business Should be Using LinkedIn

As one of the world’s largest online professional networks, LinkedIn is an important marketing platform for B2B (business to business) companies. It’s where business connections are made and where you can engage with a professional network. 

Using LinkedIn for your business helps you do more than just build connections. When utilised properly, LinkedIn can help increase your business credibility while you engage with like-minded industry professionals and build a strong following with engaging content.

With more than 810 million users across 200 countries, LinkedIn is also the perfect platform to build global leads and drive conversions. If you’re using LinkedIn to generate leads, the Sales Navigator app is a great way to stay on top of your leads and zero-in on decision makers who have the authority to engage your business – no more dealing with a middleman!

About 90% of our customers here at 100 Pound Social are B2B. We have a wealth of experience creating LinkedIn posts for a variety of clients in tech, recruitment, SaaS and software, consulting, business coaching, and more.

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How can LinkedIn Benefit Your Business? 

LinkedIn allows you to establish yourself as a thought-leader by publishing long-form content that’s easy to read. It’s an authoritative platform that enables you to demonstrate your expertise and stand out from the crowd. Here are some other ways that LinkedIn can benefit your business:

Start Conversations

LinkedIn allows you to start conversations about topics that you’re personally interested in. By having more room for text and images, you’re able to really present your thoughts, making it easier for others to chime in and share their opinion. Its format provides room to truly portray your brand voice and get your message across, compared to other more casual platforms, like Instagram and Twitter, that limit how you can create and link to content.

Share Value

If you’re an industry expert yourself, sharing your expertise on LinkedIn will help provide value to those in your network. Professionals are always on the lookout for valuable information like:

  • Industry Updates
  • Case Studies
  • Research Papers
  • Podcasts
  • Other events


Scheduling LinkedIn posts on a regular basis can help to position you as someone who’s in-the-know and is always keeping abreast with the latest industry trends.

Build Trust and Demonstrate Expertise

LinkedIn is the perfect platform to share your client’s testimonials. Build trust within your network by showcasing what your business has done and how well you’ve done it. Sharing testimonials and being active on LinkedIn will also demonstrate your expertise and increase your business’s credibility.

Develop Business Relationships

LinkedIn is ultimately a digital platform for networking. Develop mutually beneficial business relationships by adding relevant people to your network and zero-in on connecting with decision makers. Adding the right people to your network can open doors for you and your business. LinkedIn also allows you to celebrate your colleagues and staff. By reminding you of their milestones, you’re able to engage with them and share their successes and growth. Engaging with people from your business will also help you attract talent, as it’s a window into your workplace culture.

Generate New Business

Having a strong personal LinkedIn profile and company page can optimise your sales and generate new leads. By fully utilising the platform for your personal and company profiles, you can decide how to promote on LinkedIn, and give yourself the opportunity to present your business to countless prospects. You can also build new connections with thought-leaders and decision makers, giving you the upper hand over your competitors – after all, they are the ones who have the authority to engage your business.

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The Best LinkedIn Post Examples We’ve Created for our Clients 

There are no “tricks” to creating engaging posts. But there are a few steps you can follow. Social media marketing is all about connecting with people and demonstrating your expertise through added value. Here are some good LinkedIn post examples we’ve created that best represent the voice and nature of our clients, plus a few pointers for crafting your own LinkedIn posts:

1. Be Personal and Authentic

What better way to do that than to just be yourself? Do you have a unique approach to meeting new clients? Perhaps you’re passionate about helping others meet their business goals. We’re all about showcasing these attributes in your social media posts. In this post, we’ve highlighted the client’s unique approach to finding candidates, and how they’re focused on their clients’ growth.

2. Answer Common Questions

LinkedIn is all about adding value. A sales pitch is only as effective as addressing a need – and the best way to do this is to provide answers to some of the more common questions. For example, questions about building credit scores that are sometimes just too tedious for a Google search. So we’ve summarised it in a post that invites readers to find out more about how to improve their credit scores.

3. Share an Article

Topical posts that will be of interest to your audience are just as important as sales and business pitch type posts. Sharing articles on the latest industry trends, like the one below, invites questions and conversations, making it highly engaging and interesting.

4. Ask Your Audience Questions

Sometimes, you don’t need to regurgitate every bit of information from the resources you have. Ask your audience questions as a way to invite them to engage and share their opinion on a post. This is a great organic way to grow your audience and presence.

5. Promotional Without Being Too Salesy

Posting about your business can sometimes seem too pushy. We like tying events and news into our promotional posts to make it more relevant to the current landscape, and to avoid sounding too salesy.Instead of asking someone to sign up for a service, these posts explain what the service can do for you. It’s less intrusive, and sits better with the general public.

6. Share a Cause

Whether it’s about health, the environment, or something else you’re passionate about – share a cause and post about it. Educational posts, like the one below, show that your business is about more than just profit margins. It’s also a great way to emotionally connect with your LinkedIn audience.

7. Share an Industry Update 

Demonstrate how well you’re in tune with the industry by sharing an update that’s relevant to your audience. This could be a report with the latest stats, or just an important announcement about the regulations in your sector.

8. Use Visuals 

A LinkedIn post that’s text-heavy can be a tiring read. Adding in an eye-catching visual will give it a breath of fresh air, and attract readers at first glance. Sometimes, the visual doesn’t have to be a static image. Aside from impactful images, we also use things like GIFs to encourage LinkedIn users to stop scrolling and pay attention to your posts. Create visually appealing testimonial graphics instead of just displaying them in text. It’s a short, punchy way to share a message.

9. Share a Case Study or a Testimonial

Have you recently completed a high-profile project with a well-known client? Why not feature that case study on your LinkedIn to demonstrate what your business can do?Or you can share what others are saying about your business. We’re always sure to highlight some of the best reviews about your company and services.

Need Help Creating the Perfect LinkedIn Post?

There are many ways you can create engaging LinkedIn posts to truly reflect you and your business. Just remember to be personable and authentic. People prefer to engage with other people, and LinkedIn is a great way to emotionally connect with your audience.If creating engaging LinkedIn posts is taking you away from other areas of your business, 100 Pound Social can help you. We specialise in creating affordable thought-leadership posts for you, so you don’t need to worry about it.

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