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Case Study

Barkho Productions Boosts Social Media Visibility with Expertly Crafted Content


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“The plan is great value, and gives us consistent, regular, exposure to our network. I’d 100% recommend 100 Pound Social to other businesses.”
Ekaterina Barkho
Founder & CEO, Barkho Productions

Case Study

Building Social Media Visibility and an Audience-Friendly Pulse

Barkho Productions provides boutique, high-end event and project management in the cultural and entertainment space. 

From film festivals, to concerts, to theatre productions, the company works internationally, bringing together a sophisticated, next-level experience with every event they manage. 

We chatted to Barkho Productions’ founder and CEO Ekaterina Barkho, about her experience working with 100 Pound Social

Before working with us, the company were struggling to maintain a consistent presence on social media. 

Now they’re on our Posts Plan, with regular posts each week to the company’s LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

The Challenge

Consistently ‘Showing Up’ on Social Media

Ekaterina explains that she felt the company needed more social media visibility on their chosen channels. She also felt that that her name in particular, as founder and CEO, needed to be “out there”. 

“I was doing what I could, but in all honesty, it was terrible. I just couldn’t keep up with everything, and with posting consistently – things were so hectic.”

Barkho Productions were organising a host of cultural events, the details of which would be perfect for sharing and promoting on the company’s socials. However, Ekaterina felt that she was drowning in work and personal commitments, and that she simply didn’t have the time to dedicate to content creation.

The company heard about 100 Pound Social through our marketing output, and decided to try handing over their social media content management to our expert team

The Solution

Relevant, Consistent, Expertly Crafted Social Media Content. 

Barkho Productions signed up for our Posts Plan, featuring regular posts each week to the company’s LinkedIn and Facebook pages. 

Every month, a dedicated Content Creator and Editor handcraft posts for Barkho Productions’ social media accounts. 

Ekaterina feels the Content Creator has done a great job of capturing their brand voice, and the content created is relevant and informative to her social media audience.

“How well you understood the brief shows how good your onboarding process is. Initially I wondered how you’d manage to understand my company without a face to face meeting, but you’ve translated that brief into great content.”

Posts Crafted

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“At first, I wondered how you could understand my business from just one onboarding form. But I trusted the process, and the fact that you’re the experts, and was really impressed!”

The Results

A Regular Social Pulse and Social Media Visibility

Now, Barkho Productions have a regular pulse on social media, with a consistent posting schedule that’s led to increased exposure to their online audience. 

Ekaterina describes the service as being clear value for money, as well as a great time-saver. She hasn’t tried any other content posting or social media marketing services, and has no plans to – saying “why would I – you guys are great!”

When it comes to our customer service, Ekaterins feels this is “really good”. She reports her Customer Success Manager has been “really helpful”, and responded quickly to any queries. Ekaterina also agrees that the monthly review form is helpful, and feedback and requests are actioned promptly. 

“You guys have been great. If I’d been left to do it on my own it wouldn’t have happened – I was just drowning!”

The Next Steps

If you’re ready to raise visibility of your company on social media and generate new business, we’d love for you to work with 100 Pound Social.

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