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Why 100 Pound Social? Top UK B2B Social Media Marketing Service

By Victoria Lee
January 22, 2024

If you want to up your social media game, look no further than 100 Pound Social.

  • Are you short of time?
  • Have limited resources?
  • Or perhaps you’re just disinterested in social media – algorithms, engagement, and platform rules are not your bag. 

100 Pound Social has been creating high-quality B2B content since 2017, serving 1000+ small business owners just like YOU.

The UK-based company understands the pain points of small business owners… and they created the answer.

From only £100 a month, outsourcing your social media content costs a fraction of what you’d pay to hire an in-house Social Media Manager. 

In a world where marketing budgets can quickly spiral out of control, 100 Pound Social’s transparent pricing (the clue is in the name) allows businesses of all sizes to access top-notch social media content marketing without breaking the bank.

Free Social Media Plan

Tick Social Media off Your To-Do List so You Can Focus on What You Do Best 

No more stress about:

  • what to post,
  • when,
  • or how to captivate your audience.

100 Pound Social will take care of it ALL for you.

Their UK-based Content Team has you covered, whether you need:

  1. regular social media posts to position you as a thought leader;
  2. branded graphics for a sleek visual identity;
  3. or industry-relevant blogs and newsletters to drive traffic to your website.

Read what their clients love about them here.

What you get with 100 Pound Social

  • Fresh and engaging content, researched and tailored for your business.  
  • Your own content team, comprising a UK-based Content Creator, Editor and dedicated Customer Success Manager.
  • A consistent social media presence. 
  • Increased visibility for your brand.  
  • Flexible, customisable plans and add-ons to suit your business needs and budget. 

What You Save with 100 Pound Social

  • Time: 100 Pound Social clients save on average 20 hours per month. 
  • Money: for the cost of hiring a SMM for one month, you could invest in 100 Pound Social for twelve! Get a discount when you sign up for a 3- or 6-monthly subscription
  • Hassle: 100 Pound Social’s done-for-you, productised model means you know exactly what you’re paying for.   

What Magic is This? 

Nope, not AI! 100 Pound Social’s plans are process-driven, human-crafted and delivered by our UK-based team.

Sounds too Good to Believe? 

100 Pound Social’s impressive 50+ Case Studies speak for themselves. 


100 Pound Social was founded by Victoria Lee, whose career started in journalism before she switched to the digital marketing dark side in 2012. 

The company has experienced significant growth due to the increased importance of social media to small businesses and the need for expert content at an affordable price point.

100 Pound Social is a fully distributed company with 40+ team members working from various locations across the UK. 

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Social Media Posts Plans – from £100/mo SEO Blogs & Newsletters – from £120/mo
3-5 handcrafted posts per week
A dedicated UK-based Content Creator & Editor (No AI)
Relevant images and hashtags
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Order articles anytime – 5 day delivery + revisions
A dedicated UK-based Writer & Editor
Order blogs, newsletters, or LinkedIn newsletters
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