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Case Study

Software Provider EOA Systems find the Perfect Social Media Posting Plan


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“The plan is like a proactive shop window for our customers. It’s brilliant.”
Kathryn Heywood
Financial Accounting Manager

Case Study

Building a Social Media Posting Plan to Boost Visibility

For over three decades, EOA Systems have been developing market-leading software to record and report on various aspects of health and safety regulations.

We chatted to the company’s Financial Accounting Manager, Kathryn Heywood, about EOA System’s experience working with us at 100 Pound Social.

Before working with us, the company were struggling to find the time to post regular, engaging content on their social media channels. Their content had, in Kathryn’s words, “drizzled out”.

Now they’re on our Posts Plan with regular posts to the company’s LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

The Challenge

Establishing a Regular Social Media Presence

As a small business, the EOA Systems team simply didn’t have the time to work on promotion and marketing.

As Kathryn says, “we’re a small company, and our expertise is in the finance and technical aspects of the business, but not marketing!”

“Other than factual stuff, we’re not very good at self-promotion.”

The company were looking for expert help, and found 100 Pound Social through an internet search.

“We used to use an ad agency, but we felt that basically there wasn’t any difference, and it just wasn’t worth the money.”

“It didn’t take us long to decide that what 100 Pound Social offer was right up our street.” 

The Solution

Regular, Bespoke Posts on Social Media.

EOA Systems signed up for our Posts Plan, featuring regular posts to the company’s Facebook and Company LinkedIn pages. 

Their dedicated Content Creator and Editor handcraft posts for the company’s social media accounts every month. 

Kathryn likes how the Content Creator produces “short and to the point” posts on business-specific topics, adding “I’m amazed at the range of stuff you cover!”

She also feels her experience with the 100 Pound Social team has been a positive one. 

“It’s very professional and efficient, and everything’s done on time. If I ever have a query, it’s responded to quickly. We’ve felt forgotten about with people we’ve worked with in the past, but not now.”

Posts Crafted

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“Everyone I’ve dealt with is on the ball and receptive. You’re very proactive.”

The Results

Improved Visibility, and a Clear Social Media Posting Plan

Now, EOA Systems are building an online following with regular, industry-relevant posts, and a clear social media posting plan – something they wouldn’t have had the time to create without expert social media agency help. 

One part of the service that Kathryn particularly likes is the Content Panel.

This gives her more visibility, and the ability to see the posts created each month all in one place. It also gives her the option to add in extra posts in herself if there’s something she particularly wants to share. 

“I like the fact that I can see all the posts laid out. It’s also great that you contact me regularly with the monthly review form.”

“If anybody comes to us in the future, they can look back and see we’ve got a history on social media. I feel confident that I can just leave you to it, and it’s nice to know that I can!”

“The plan is accessible and manageable with the Content Panel feature – you feel like you’ve got control too.”

If you’re ready to raise visibility of your company on social media and generate new business, we’d love for you to work with 100 Pound Social.

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