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Brand Consultant Jessica Knowles Achieves LinkedIn Awareness with Social Media Content Creation

How 100 Pound Social Helps this Branding Expert Save Time and Establish a Solid Social Media Presence

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“I can think of all the ideas in the world but having the time to refine them and get them ready for posting… that was my biggest challenge.”

Jessica Knowles

Case Study: Social Media and Blog Content for Brand and Design Consultant

Jessica Knowles is a brand consultant and designer who specialises in crafting unforgettable and compelling brands that attract and retain customers. Jessica pairs her graphic design skills with her branding expertise to help both large multinationals and solo entrepreneurs realise their brands’ potential.

We chatted to Jessica about her experience of 100 Pound Social’s social media content creation and blog article writing services.

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Emily Nicholson 100 Pound Social Customer Success

Emily Nicholson

Head of Customer Success & Content

The Challenge: Finding the Time for Social Media Management

Being able to find the time for social media content creation was difficult, Jessica recalls.

“I can think of all the ideas in the world but having the time to really refine them, put the detail in, plan them, and get them ready for posting… that was my biggest challenge.”

Then Jessica found 100 Pound Social via LinkedIn

It sounded interesting and I was looking for partners at the time. It was so easy to book on to that demo call, and that demo call was great.”

“I couldn’t put a number on how long I was spending on social media,” she says. “I could spend a day or two days or even more thinking about the ideas and never find the time to refine.”

The Solution: Building an Online Presence with Expert Social Media Management

Jessica signed up for the Posts Plan to get regular posts each week handcrafted for her and published to her Personal LinkedIn Profile and Company Facebook Page.

She likes our Content Panel which gives her access to the scheduling platform where her Content Creator prepares her social media posts. Having the Content Panel means Jessica can log in any time to view (and even edit) posts before they are published.

Longer-form content was also important to Jessica – so she added Blog Articles and receives 2 articles a month, totalling 1,000 words a month.

Jessica says that getting in touch with her Customer Success Manager through our client portal is always “easy” and the responses “perfect”, with a 24-hour turnaround.

 “On LinkedIn in particular [the posts] have helped assert me as an expert in my field.”

Posts we’ve crafted for Jessica Knowles. Click on a post to make it larger:

The Result: Boosting Brand Awareness with Social Media Content

Jessica has a dedicated Content Creator and Editor working on her social media posts each month.

“They do an amazing job at refining my voice. The more that you work together, the more you understand each other as well.”

Having Content Panel kick-started this process, and Jessica says that having the ability to ask for revisions was really helpful.

“It was really efficient, and so helpful to know I could ask for changes.”

With regards to the posts themselves, the main benefit is “showing my credibility and making me visible,” says Jessica. 

“On LinkedIn in particular it has helped to assert me as an expert in my field… I’ve had feedback from people saying ‘Oh, you’ve been doing really well on your social media recently!’”

Jessica Knowles Brand Consultant 100 Pound Social Case Study

“I recommend you to a lot of people that I meet because it’s easy, it’s simple, it gets the job done!”

The Results: Done-For-You Blog Content to Increase Web Traffic

Jessica completes a short request form when she wants to order new blog articles. She can request new articles at any time using her client account.

“The Blog Articles help with my website and the SEO,” Jessica says.

“The way that you’ve got it structured with keywords and links is great. I just give you my ideas and information and the writer makes it sound a lot smoother and more readable.

“I’ve been really impressed with that. I’ve also been able to utilise the blog articles on endless other things – on Instagram stories and on normal LinkedIn posts etc.”

Why 100 Pound Social?

“I recommend you to a lot of people because it’s easy, it’s simple, it gets the job done! I don’t have to faff about with calls all the time but I also feel I can reach out if I need to.”

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Victoria Lee

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Marisa Maxwell

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Victoria Parrot

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