Supercharged Facebook Ads

Grow your Facebook Page with a targeted ads campaign


Supercharged Facebook Ads ūüöÄ

Grow your Facebook Page with a targeted ads campaign

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Build a vibrant community of ideal customers around your Facebook Page


Get your Facebook Posts in front of a carefully targeted audience and increase likes and comments


Help new customers discover and recommend your business, raise brand awareness and sell more


A £70 Facebook Ads budget is included in the plan price and spent on your Facebook Ads campaigns


Grow your Facebook Page audience and develop an engaged community of customers and potential customers


Promote specific products and services to drive new traffic to your website


View live Facebook Ads and planned campaigns in your Facebook adverts account

Supercharged Facebook Ads: £199 per month

case study


7X Increase in page audience size
23X Increase in users engaging with page over 28 days
3.8X increase in users reached daily

average growth

Average growth

Results vary from campaign to campaign; actual results will depend on your industry, your products or services, and your ideal customers


Average new, relevant Facebook Page Likes each month


Average increase in users engaging with your Facebook Page


Average increase in reached daily by your Facebook Page posts

What type of ads will you run on my Facebook Page?

Why do I need Supercharged Facebook Ads?

Give your Facebook Posts a BOOST ūüöÄ

Adding Supercharged Facebook Ads to your 100 posts Plan will¬†ensure your Facebook posts get in front of your ideal customers,¬† an audience of prospects grows around your brand on Facebook, likes and comments on your posts and click-throughs to your website increase… and more!

Facebook DIY Growth

If Facebook is selected as one of your two 100 posts Plan platforms but you don’t opt for Supercharged Facebook Ads, we’ll send you a free Facebook¬†DIY Growth Guide¬†so you can grow your Facebook Page yourself.

Time required: 30 mins per day

Other Boosters

Start by creating a FREE customised social media plan for your business

Other Growth Boosters

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Why do I need Supercharged Facebook Ads? Isn't the 100 Posts Plan enough?

Regular, engaging social media posts (provided by your 100 Posts Plan) provide the foundations to your social media success.

Social media pages buzzing with fresh content demonstrate your relevance and expertise, gain the trust of visitors, and build your brand’s credibility.

Supercharged Facebook Ads take your Facebook marketing one step further.

It helps potential customers to discover your Facebook page, build an audience of prospects around your page, increases engagement (likes, comments, shares) posts, and raises awareness of your business.

Read more about the role of Growth Boosters here.

Can I grow my Facebook Page myself?

Absolutely. Customers who add Facebook to their 100 Posts Plan, but don’t opt for Supercharged Facebook Ads are sent a free Facebook DIY Growth Guide.¬†

The guide gives step-by-step instructions to growing your Facebook page.

To succeed, you’ll need to commit 30 minutes to growing your Facebook page. (No days off, no juggling Рsuccess requires consistency!)

If you just can’t face learning a new skill and practising it for 30 minutes a day, then Supercharged Facebook Ads can do it for you.

Is the Supercharged Facebook Ads adverts budget (£70) included in the plan price?

Yes, we put £70 of your monthly Supercharged Facebook Ads plan price towards adverts on your Facebook Page.

Please note: If you cancel during your risk-free 14-day trial and Supercharged Facebook Ads is part of your plan, you will be refunded your plan price in full minus the cost of any ads budget already spent on your Facebook Page at the point of cancellation.

Will you reply to comments and messages on my Facebook Page?

No. We’ve found the SMEs we work with prefer to reply to messages on social media themselves. However, if you’d like us to monitor and reply to comments on your Facebook, Instagram, and / or Twitter Page, please contact us for a quote.

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