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What Will You Post To My Social Media Pages? Post Types Explained

By Victoria Lee
January 18, 2019

Take a look at the types of posts we publish to our customers’ social media pages.

The sort of posts we create for your social media pages will depend on your business and the goals preferences you tell us about in your Onboarding Questionnaire.


Engaging Promotional Posts


Posts highlighting the benefits of your services or products in an eye-catching format


Get the attention of audience members who do not (yet) have an established interest in your business

Industry: E-Commerce / Facebook

Industry: Management Consulting / LinkedIn

Industry: Auto Finance / Facebook

Standard Promotional Posts

Posts talking about a specific service, product, or event

Attract “warm” audience members who are already interested in your business, but need a prompt to find out more

Industry: SaaS App

Industry: Staffing and recruitment / LinkedIn

Industry: Marketing and Advertising / LinkedIn

Topical Posts

Posts covering hot topics and pain points that are relevant to your industry

Activate your audience, get them talking and give them a reason to re-visit your social media pages in future

Industry: Professional Training & Coaching / LinkedIn

Industry: Beauty and Wellness / Facebook

Industry: Marketing and Advertising / LinkedIn

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