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Find out what customers in Consulting, Finance, Recruitment, Marketing, Software, and more say about 100 Pound Social’s Social Media and Blog Writing plans.

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Bjorn Jones
Director, Blusource Recruitment

“I think the content you create actually is more varied than we would probably put out ourselves, which is a good thing!”

The plan achieves a constant awareness of the business so that we’re in people’s minds consistently. Should they need our services, we’re front and centre in their mind.

I’d recommend 100 Pound Social to business owners looking for a consistent online presence, who don’t have the time to manage their social media themselves.

Staffing & Recruitment
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Matt Webb
Founder, Laslo Fox

“The posts are really effective at welcoming people into the conversation… producing an interaction with the readers.”

Everything combines to create a really positive representation of the brand.

The plan gives credibility of industry knowledge and it creates a good foundation to start a conversation.

Emma [Customer Success Manager] is a real superstar, always sure to get the right messages out. She’s always very responsive.

Staffing & Recruitment
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Jessica Knowles
Brand Consultant

“I recommend you to a lot of people that I meet – because it’s easy, it’s simple, it gets the job done!”

On LinkedIn in particular the posts have helped assert me as an expert in my field, showing my credibility and making me visible.

I’ve also been able to utilise the Blog Articles on endless other things – on Instagram stories and on normal LinkedIn posts etc.

I’ve had feedback from people saying ‘Oh, you’ve been doing really well on your social media recently!’

Marketing Agencies
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Rob Kirby
Founder, People People

“The content is 100% reflective of where we’re at. You offer exceptional value for money.”

When you put the value per post in relation to what that gives the business, it’s money-back tenfold.

Our time is best spent on what we do – there are people much better than us at [social media] – and that’s you.

If you want someone to be an extension of your brand and reach a brilliant audience on LinkedIn, 100 Pound Social are the best people to do that.”

Professional Training & Coaching
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Rory Hallam
Senior Client Director, ReMake

“I would recommend 100 Pound Social for the simple reason that we’ve seen it convert business for us.”

This service means we can essentially be working at 150%. For me, the main benefit is that as a startup, we can’t dedicate 100% of our time to social media. It’s one of the most important parts of the business but there are so many other things to do at the same time.

For the cost of the service, we’ve already seen a return on investment.

Marketing Agencies, SaaS
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Steve Bannister
Founder, Monro Consulting

“Despite the complexity of my business, your authors are getting it.”

My nervousness about my business being sophisticated and developed over 30 years – and how your writers would manage that – has been put aside. The natural intelligence in the authors shows me that they’re getting it.

The blog article offering is re-nurturing my website content. 100 Pound Social is great value for money and takes [the pressure] off my shoulders!

One great benefits is that you can dip your toes in. There’s no big investment and no massive lock-in. So you can go from there.

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Noel Green
Founder, ContractsWise

“[The posts] are incredibly well-written… you’ve far exceeded my expectations.”

The main benefit is getting those contacts in those relevant industries and making ContractsWise widely known.

Now I’ve got thousands of contacts, it’s about the posting side of things and getting information out to them that they’ll find helpful and useful and keep the ContractsWise name at the forefront of their mind.

I’m so pleased with the posts you put out. I think they’re incredibly well-written and much better than I’m able to achieve myself.

SaaS, Software & Development
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Dani Mancini
Founder and CEO, Scribly

“I wouldn’t hesitate to work with these guys if you’re on the fence!”

I’m just so impressed with the quality of 100 Pound Social’s posts.

Right from Day One they totally understood how I wanted to communicate for my brand, and consistently produced content that I was super proud of.

It’s enabled us to put several social channels on autopilot and maintain consistency, without having to hire anyone to manage the process.

There’s plenty of opportunity to give feedback and review posts before they go live.

The customer support by Emma is just next level!

Marketing Agencies
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Laura Martinez
Marketing Executive, Locke & McCloud

“I recommend 100 Pound Social to businesses who need high visibility on social media to generate leads.”

100 Pound Social adapt to every kind of business – even the most niche-focused.

In one year, 100 Pound Social more than doubled visitor impressions on our LinkedIn page.

The process is very simple, and the results guaranteed.

The customer support is flawless: reactivity, help, and kindness at any time!

Staffing & Recruitment, Information & Technology
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Simon Ellson
Intrapreneur, an ActionCOACH business

“24/7 visibility was really important to us and 100 Pound Social has delivered that – as well as a consistent flow of incoming leads.”

Our LinkedIn Manager ‘gets’ our business and has achieved a consistent flow of incoming leads.

The social media posts 100 Pound Social create for us are good quality and consistent.

I came across 100 Pound Social on the web and thought I’d try it out as it’s such a simple model.

Try it, you’ll like it!”

Professional Training & Coaching
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Tony Pauley
CEO, Nimbulent

“The 100 Pound Team is brilliant. Everyone is really responsive.”

The posts you create for us on LinkedIn reflect our goals and help with the lead generation process.

Between the posts and the website, our prospects are constantly reminded about Nimbulent. People can’t forget about us!

The 100 Pound Social team is brilliant. They get things done quickly and make it happen.

Consulting, Professional Training & Coaching, Information & Technology
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Joe Doveton
Founder, Binary Bear

“[The posts] are on-point, well written, clear, and engaging.”

Our message is put across concisely with attractive visuals and just enough information to draw people in to see what we’re about.

The plan allows us to keep a constant presence on our preferred channels while we go about our own expertise.

The 100 Pound Social Team is very professional, quick to respond and easy to communicate with. They understand what my business needs and what I want to get from being their client.

Marketing Agencies, Software & Development
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Elizabeth Downing
Managing Director, Green Monkey AV

“You create excellent content with very little input from us.”

If you need to do more on social media and don’t have the time, we couldn’t recommend 100 Pound Social highly enough.

We give hardly any guidance, yet the social media posts are consistently relevant and high quality.

You do see an upturn in web visitors and LinkedIn has been a great source of new enquiries for us.

We’ve had many contacts referencing our improvement on social media. We are definitely more active on social media now, which has the impact of growing followers and reach.

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