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SaaS Rytrack Solutions Grows Brand Consistency with Expert Social Media Management

How 100 Pound Social helps this chatbot development company to save time every month and boost their brand with high-quality content

“The main benefit for me is the consistent posting and the consistent brand presence across the social media pages.”

Chisom Izuchukwu

Founder, Rytrack Solutions

Case Study: Software Marketing with Expert Social Media Management

Rytrack Solutions is a chatbot development company that empowers teams to become limitless with their customer communications and conversational marketing. 

They also boast a chatbot development platform for people to build their own chatbots. What’s more, an easy integration process means users get to connect their bot with 1000s of other tools and many channels such as websites, Microsoft Teams, Facebook Workspace, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and many more. 

We chatted to Rytrack Solutions’ Founder Chisom Izuchukwu about working with 100 Pound Social.

Emily Nicholson

Head of Customer Success & Content

The Plan: Social Media Marketing for SaaS

Chisom says that “staying consistent was something I hadn’t been able to do” with social media management, “especially when trying to stay on top of everything else.”

So when he found 100 Pound Social, it seemed like the perfect solution to his social media marketing needs!

Chisom signed up for the Posts Plan, utilising our add-ons to get 5 posts per week written and published to the Company LinkedIn and Facebook Pages. He also has the Content Panel — meaning he can view posts in an editable content calendar before they are published.

Working With 100 Pound Social: Customer Service

Chisom says that customer support is very accessible and helpful.

With any of our social media plans, we send a monthly review form to customers every month. It gives them the opportunity to provide feedback on the last month of posts, and to request anything specific in the next month. (Pssst! It’s also optional, so if you don’t have time or feedback one month, then it’s no bother.)

Regarding the monthly review process, Chisom says, “I find it useful. I think the way you do it is the easiest way you could do it.”

“If there’s ever anything I need to communicate, then the customer service is always very easy to deal with,” he says. “It’s always been a pleasant interaction.”

Saving Time for Software Businesses

When Rytrack Solutions launched their new chatbot platform, all Chisom had to do was email our Head of Customer Success & Content to let her know — so the content being published would reflect the update going forward.

He now only has to spend “roughly an hour a month” on his social media content. Over the last few months, Chisom notes, “I’ve been happy with things so I haven’t had much feedback!”

That’s a whopping amount of time saved; Chisom used to have to spend roughly 15 hours on Rytrack Solutions’ social media strategy every month. 

“This is great for anyone starting up with social media that doesn’t really have any idea how to do it.”

Posts we’ve crafted for Rytrack Solutions. Click on a post to make it larger:

Results: The Posts Plan

100 Pound Social offers Rytrack Solutions and Chisom a time-saving, hassle-free social media service. Chisom notes that he is most pleased with the “consistent posting and the consistent brand presence across the social media pages that is now managed for us.”

“The time commitment that goes into social media when you’re first starting up [is significant]… so it’s been nice to have this consistency.”

On top of that, he finds the posts to be of high-quality and relevant to his SaaS business.

“I’ve never spotted any grammatical issues, the links are useful, the images are good,” he says.

Chisom was so happy with our services that he signed up for another plan — this time for his other venture, Rytrack Foundation.

Overall, Chisom says that the plan has been really useful for staying consistent and posting relevant content that reflects his SaaS brand! 

The Next Step

If you’re ready to raise visibility of your company on social media and generate new business, we’d love for you to work with 100 Pound Social.

To learn more, schedule a demo call.

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