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People Development Consultancy, People People, Increases Brand Awareness with Expert Social Media Content

How 100 Pound Social creates on-brand posts and saves time for company founder with the Posts Plan

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“The content is 100% reflective of where we’re at… You have a deep understanding of what we do.”

Rob Kirby

Founder, People People

Case Study: Brand Awareness Growth for Professional Training Company

People People offers a business learning experience with a difference. With an emphasis on partnerships, dynamic interactions, and collaboration, they deliver learning solutions geared around interpersonal communications. 

Through their bespoke training programmes, People People engineer behavioural, attitudinal, and cultural transformations within the workplace — and have done so for businesses like MoneySuperMarket, the Marriott Hotel Group, and Camden Town Brewery.

We chatted to People People’s founder, Rob Kirby, about his experiences of working with 100 Pound Social.

Before working with us, and through prior LinkedIn outreach of their own, they had amassed thousands of connections within their target audience. However, as Rob says, “there was nothing we were doing to raise the level of brand awareness or any kind of relationship-building… so it would flatline.”

Rob says he realised something: “Our time is best spent put into the delivery and design and what we do — there are people out there much better than us at this, and that’s you.”

People People then signed up for the Posts Plan, opting for 3 posts per week to 2 standard social media platforms.

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Emily Nicholson

Head of Customer Success & Content

Onboarding: How We ‘Get’ Your Brand Voice

When you sign up to the Posts Plan, you have a dedicated Onboarding Manager who walks you through the process — including sending you some onboarding forms to complete. The forms feature a series of questions that we use to really get to know your business.

Your dedicated Content Creator then reads it all over, researches your business, and crafts your social media posts!

Of this process, Rob says, “I thought the questions were really detailed and covered so many different areas. It felt almost like a business plan… and it was useful for me as a one-person company originally to really reflect on. It reassured me that you then had a real deep understanding of what we do and the process was crystal clear.”

Working With 100 Pound Social: Social Media Content Marketing Agency for B2B Businesses

Emily is Rob’s Customer Success Manager.

“What’s been really effective about working with you,” Rob says, “has been your responsiveness to feedback.

Our brand voice is unique so it’s hard to strike the tone. But any requests for changes have instantly been actioned…  to the point where I don’t always feel the need to feedback on the Monthly Review Form, because I think [the posts are] great and everything is firmly on track.”

“100 Pound Social offers exceptional value for money. When you put the value per post in relation to what that gives the business, it’s money-back tenfold in many ways.”

Posts we’ve crafted for Rob, Founder of People People. Click on a post to make it larger:

Results: The Posts Plan

“Making sure that brand voice is nailed is often a worry, especially with an external company,” Rob says, “but the content is 100% reflective of where we’re at.”

He also points out that the social media content plan has really boosted his brand awareness; “plenty of clients and people we work with have said they love what we’re putting out there on LinkedIn (7 or 8 people in the last couple of months).”

“Someone contacted our company over a competitor and said they thought of us — after liking some of our posts. If we hadn’t had that content you are constantly putting out there for us, I don’t know how front of their minds we would have been.”

As an added bonus, Rob also says that the time saved is huge: “For the volume of posts that you do, I would say it used to take us around 3 or 4 hours a week. I spend basically no time on it now!”

Rob Kirby People People for 100 Pound Social Case Study

“If you want someone to really listen and be an extension of your brand, and reach a brilliant audience on LinkedIn, 100 Pound Social are the best people to do that.”

The Next Step

If you’re ready to raise visibility of your company on social media and generate new business, we’d love for you to work with 100 Pound Social.

Click here to select a plan and sign up.

To learn more, schedule a demo call.

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