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Case Study

How Non-Profit Tech For Good Developed a Unified Voice on Social Media With 100 Pound Social



“100 Pound Social has given us a regular, branded heartbeat.”
Prof. Ashley George FRSC
President and Founder, Tech For Good

Case Study

Creating a Cohesive Social Media Presence with Expert Marketing

Tech For Good is a non-profit that helps global organisations run Social Corporate Responsibility challenges, aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. 

Their social media content covers topics of global importance – from improving health and education around the world to tackling climate change.

Before reaching out to 100 Pound Social, the company struggled to:

  • create a cohesive tone on social media;
  • produce regular content covering complex global issues.

Now the business is on the £100 Post Plan which includes 3 posts each week to the company’s LinkedIn and Facebook Business Page. 

The posts use a distinctive voice and cover both business-to-business and business-to-consumer bases. 

The Challenge

Creating a Unified, Consistent Brand Voice on Social Media 

President and Founder of Tech For Good, Ashley George, told us that before working with 100 Pound Social, the company’s posts were written in varying styles by members of his eclectic team. 

This meant their brand voice wasn’t aligned. He says: “We had a group of individuals writing so the brand voice didn’t come through.”

Posts were shared on their socials sporadically, as and when members of the team remembered to do so. Ashley says “it wasn’t a routine heartbeat.”  

Rather than spending time on a disjointed social media strategy (when they remembered to do so), Ashley wanted his staff to spend their time inspiring businesses to take on global social development challenges.

When considering an outsourcing partner, Ashley needed confidence that the content writers would hit the sensitive tone required for his global organisation. 

He was keen to find a social media agency that could:

  • create a bright, standard tone of voice for the company;
  • publish social media posts on a consistent schedule;
  • create impactful content that stresses sensitivity and connection, rather than “doom and gloom”.

The Solution

100 Pound Social’s Dedicated UK-based Content Team 

Coming across 100 Pound Social, Ashley found a cost-effective supplier that could create regular social media content designed to reflect the company’s narrative.

Ashley’s dedicated, UK-based Content Creator and Editor create a new set of posts for Tech For Good once a month and notify Ashley when the new content is ready for him to review in his Content Panel.

Ashley maintains complete control over Tech For Good’s social content, using the flexible Content Panel platform to:

  • preview;
  • edit;
  • and approve posts.

This ensures he is happy with the content and visuals before they go live. 

Working with 100 Pound Social allows Ashley to tick Tech For Good’s social media off his to-do list in one sitting, once a month. 

He can access the Content Panel at any time, in case he wants to:

  • tweak a post;
  • or, add additional content during the month. 

He says this is essential because “occasionally there will be something that happens across the world, that means we need to respond and make changes.”

As well as having direct contact with his dedicated Customer Success Manager via email and our Client Portal, Ashley uses his Monthly Review Form to ask us to cover specific topics and content in his upcoming posts, as well as to provide general feedback on his posts.

Posts Crafted

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100 Pound Social is delivering on its promises.

The Results

Hassle-Free, Social Media Consistency

Tech For Good is seeing the impact of their investment with 100 Pound Social in the form of more followers responding to calls to action.

Ashley says: “Placing [our social media post creation] with 100 Pound Social created a tone that sits at the heart of the company.”

The haphazard job of content creation has been handed over, ensuring Tech For Good can focus on its vital work on 17 Sustainable Development Goals, making the planet a better place for all of us.

Today, Ashley’s team invest very little time in the social media process because it’s taken care of by 100 Pound Social. 

Ashley says he is pleased with the tailored approach: “It gives us a regular branded heartbeat that allows my team to focus on other issues.”

He says he doesn’t “have to intervene because 100 Pound Social is delivering on its promises.” He’s also been impressed with how we have dealt with the “emotionally charged” topics his company is focussing on.

He says 100 Pound Social is “a worthwhile organisation to be partnered with.” 

“I would recommend 100 Pound Social because it allows my team to focus on the inbound contacts, rather than dealing with creating the outbound posts.”

100 Pound Social allows my team to focus on the inbound contacts, rather than dealing with creating the outbound posts.”

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