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Case Study

“100 Pound Social Has Breathed Life into Our Business”: Andromeda Solutions’ Expert Social Media Presence


Information & Technology

“Absolutely seamless... it does what it says on the tin.”
Peter Summerhill
Managing Director, Andromeda Solutions

Case Study

Creating Engaging Social Media Posts for an Award-Winning IT Company

Andromeda Solutions are an IT Support company that helps individuals and companies with their IT, networking, servers, cyber security needs, and more.

Their company has won numerous awards for their amazing work, including Best Nationwide IT Company 2023, Customer Service Excellence Award 2023, and IT Support Service of the Year.

We caught up with Peter Summerhill, Managing Director of Andromeda Solutions, to discuss the company’s social media challenges and how 100 Pound Social has helped them grow online.

The Challenge

Increase Visibility and Audience Engagement

Prior to working with 100 Pound Social, Andromeda Solutions found their social media posts didn’t reflect their achievements or personable tone in a way that drew in their audience.

Peter told us that he would post “quite generic things” from industry websites but they didn’t attract the engagement he was looking for.

With plans to expand the business, Peter wanted the company to start sharing relevant and up-to-date content that would allow them to:

  • build customer awareness;
  • share their work;
  • and show off their services.

Like many 100 Pound Social clients, Andromeda Solutions is a complex B2B business. Peter wanted to establish a strategy to consistently share expert information across their social platforms in a way that was easy to engage with yet educational.

After discovering 100 Pound Social, Peter had a chat with our team. He says: “I saw an email sent by your team and I thought, ‘This is the answer to my prayers’.”

Peter signed up for the £100 Posts Plan, featuring regular social media content to their Facebook, Company LinkedIn profile and Google Business Profile.

The Solution

Providing Their Audience with Helpful and Informative Content

Peter’s Content Team at 100 Pound Social, overseen by his dedicated Customer Success Manager, craft informative technical posts with a personable touch for Andromeda Solutions.

Peter told us that our work is humanising their brand: “It makes us seem approachable, friendly. People can relate to it; they can understand it and I think that just draws them in.”

Alongside Facebook and company LinkedIn posts, they wanted their Google Business Profile to be the main driver of their online content.

Peter explained that his customers use Google to search for a business when in need of an IT solution, which is why his company utilises Google the most.

So, when we took over the company’s Google Business Profile and handcrafted tailored posts that showcased their brand voice, Peter was more than happy with the results.

He said: “The posts definitely give a strong impression, and they are consistent and current,” and due to their flow of activity and posting, they in turn rank higher on the search platform- which is amazing!

Each month, Peter receives a notification from his Editor to let him know his new set of posts are ready for review.  Peter says that the content created is so spot-on that after a quick glance over the scheduled posts in his Content Panel, he can tick social media off his to-do list for the month.

This frees up his time to concentrate on core business activities.

This positive experience has led to the IT solutions provider recommending us to others he feels are in need of a stellar content plan.

Peter described his experience working with 100 Pound Social as, “very happy, the posts and the whole experience has been fantastic. It’s no hassle, so easy and really well thought out”.

Posts Crafted

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“100 Pound Social is no hassle, so easy and really well thought out.”

The Results

A Stellar Content Plan That Showcases Their Brand Voice

After 100 Pound Social took the reins, the social media presence of Andromeda Solutions came to life. Today, their feeds consist of relatable and friendly content that:

  • resonates with their audience;
  • showcases their personality and easy-going tone of voice;
  • is published regularly.

With 100 Pound Social taking charge of his content, Peter no longer has to brainstorm ideas or come up with unique posts himself.

He commented that he values the way we have been able to meet his requirements to a point where everything is on “autopilot” and is “absolutely seamless”.

Peter said that he finds the 100 Pound Social process easy and straightforward, stating that “it does what it says on the tin” and has taken the pressure and stress out of managing the business’s own social media accounts.

He said: “I think you guys have nailed it and we feel that we’re getting our value for money. The posts give a beating heart to the business presence.”

As Peter expands his business, he plans to work with 100 Pound Social for each new business arm, thanks to our ability to turn technically charged information into relatable and understandable content.

“I think you guys have nailed it… we’re getting value for money. The posts give a beating heart to the business presence.”

If you’re ready to engage your audience on social media and consistently provide new clients with trusted resources, we’d love for you to come and work with 100 Pound Social.

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