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Case Study

“AI can’t align with our brand”: Kikin Finance Increase Waitlist Signups with Human-written LinkedIn Content


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“AI can’t align with our brand and tone of voice. Having a real human is a massive difference.”
Antony Woods
Chief Financial Officer, Kikin Finance

Case Study

Creating a Personable & Engaging Social Media Plan

Kikin Finance is a forward-thinking financial technology firm dedicated to aiding emerging startups in meeting their funding needs without sacrificing working capital.

Despite their effective offering, the firm found itself veiled in digital silence with, “absolutely no social media presence”. The quest for brand recognition led them to seek a solution that could amplify their brand voice online. 

Our conversation with Antony Woods, the Chief Technology Officer at Kikin Finance, shed light on how their collaboration with 100 Pound Social has broken their online silence and generated engaging online discussions around their brand.

The Challenge

Attracting Clients with Engaging and Vibrant Content

As Kikin Finance navigated through its launch phase, the need for captivating content to gain interest and showcase their offerings was crucial. 

Antony was on the lookout for a cost-effective solution that could generate interest in their service and align with the firm’s ethos. 

The dilemma was clear: engaging material was missing from their business as, “nobody in the team felt confident to generate the content,” and social media posting never reached the top of the to-do list. 

Antony said: “After an experiment with AI-driven content creation fell short of the mark, we knew that having a real person to create our content would make a massive difference.”

The discovery of 100 Pound Social emerged as a beacon of hope as Antony recognised the potential to build brand visibility during the crucial launch phase. 

The appeal lay in 100 Pound Social’s budget-friendly service which provides companies with a UK-based Content Team that creates regular social media content designed to enhance the company’s narrative.

As well as being impressed by 100 Pound Social’s 40+ case studies and 80+ client testimonials, and examples of work with other companies in the Finance sector, the fact that our content team do not use AI helped Antony decide we were the right provider. 

“You guys are awesome. 100 Pound Social are very aware and connected to their customer needs.”

The Solution

Creating Personable and Attractive Posts to Create Brand Awareness

After speaking to our team, and being reassured by our 20-day money-back guarantee, Kikin Finance opted for our £100 Post Plan with posts to their Company’s LinkedIn page.

Antony described the 100 Pound Social Onboarding Process as straightforward and less intense than anticipated. He praised the 100 Pound Social team for their attentive and responsive approach during this phase, saying, “The communication has been good… it’s been really straightforward and really easy.” 

An unexpected advantage for Antony and his team has been access to the HeyOrca Content Panel platform. The platform allows them to preview, edit, and approve the posts their content team has created, ensuring they are happy with the content and visuals before they go live. 

Antony said, “The platform is really powerful. Being able to see [the scheduled posts laid out] is amazing – I have recommended it to other people since using it through 100 Pound Social.” 

The carefully researched posts created by Antony’s Content Team – as opposed to AI templates Kikin Finance tried in the past – have added a texture and personality to their social media presence which enhances their brand identity. 

As Antony says, “AI can’t align with our brand and tone of voice. Having a real human is a massive difference.”

Antony also praised 100 Pound Social’s structured Monthly Review Process which encourages clients to stay in touch with their Content Team and share news and updates. 

He says the process, “encourages us to be more proactive” about what his team want their marketing messages to include for the month ahead.

Posts Crafted

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“The communication has been good… it’s been really straightforward and easy.” 

The Results

A Human-Driven Content Plan that Engages their Audience

With the tailored strategies by 100 Pound Social, Kikin Finance is seeing the impact of their investment in the form of:

  • an increase in waitlist sign-ups;
  • consistent LinkedIn engagement;
  • a colourful social media presence.

The once daunting chore of content creation has been seamlessly handed over, giving the Kikin Finance team time to focus on growing their business. Antony remarked, “it saved so much time for me.” 

Antony expressed great satisfaction with the work delivered by the 100 Pound Social team, stating he would, “absolutely recommend 100 Pound Social” to other companies seeking content creation services. 

He describes his content team as, “attentive and proactive in understanding our brand,” enthusiastically adding, “you guys are awesome.”

“My impression is that 100 Pound Social are very aware and connected to their customer needs.”

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