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Case Study

“We’re getting our name out there”: How 100 Pound Social Connects Henwick Park with Leads 


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“100 Pound Social creates great awareness for Henwick Park in a very cost effective and efficient way.”
Andy Wills
Managing Director, Henwick Park

Case Study

Henwick Park is a fund distribution and development consultancy, passionate about helping SMEs scale and fund their companies. 

Their spectrum of services encompass fund growth, scaling solutions, and bespoke consultations for those looking to buy or sell IFA businesses.

We spoke to Andy Wills, Managing Director at Henwick Park, about his experience working with 100 Pound Social.

Before working with our team Andy noted they, “never really utilised” their company LinkedIn account, despite wanting to generate more interest in what they do.

Now they’re on our Social Media Posts Plan, with regular posts each week to the company’s LinkedIn page.

The Challenge

Creating Engaging and On-Brand Content to Reel in Leads

Henwick Park aspired to enrich their online presence by producing captivating content that would attract potential clients and partners. 

Despite their efforts, the task proved to be a significant challenge. “We didn’t really have the right skills, knowledge and in some respects the time to do it”, Andy noted. 

Their previous attempts with social media agencies were unsuccessful. Andy described the process as too “labour intensive” and noted, “For the money I was paying, I was thinking, that’s not really working.”

Lacking in-house expertise in social media remained an issue, until Henwick Park discovered 100 Pound Social.

Andy described our Post Plans as, “cost-effective but also very efficient”, detailing, “it kind of ticked off both our objectives. Very quickly.”

The Solution

Creating a Comprehensive View of Their Business Through Consistent Posts

Henwick Park’s venture into social media marketing found its stride when they teamed up with us. The thorough Onboarding Process reassured Andy that we were attuned to their business’s unique needs. 

Through our detailed questions, we sought to understand their target audience and the goals they aimed to achieve.

Andy described our onboarding form as, “very clear” and “such a straightforward process”. 

He mentioned, “Through the initial conversations that we had, you’re getting to understand what our business does and the type of people that we want to connect with.”

Andy appreciated the flexibility of our Monthly Review Form, which allowed for agile content strategy adjustments in response to industry shifts. 

“Every month we have a small questionnaire, so if we want to change direction, we can,” he explained, highlighting the ease of redirecting their content focus without having to micromanage each step.

He celebrated the ‘set-and-forget’ nature of our service, acknowledging the convenience and effectiveness of the system that ensures their social media presence is consistent and impactful: “We can just sit back and let it happen.” 

Posts Crafted

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“We’re connecting with the right people. It’s nice to see the number of connections growing.”

The Results

Consistent Posting That Keeps Henwick Park in the Spotlight

Now, Henwick Park has a regular brand presence online, with more time to focus on growing their business. 

Andy praised, “If people want to connect with us, then they can see we’re not just talking gobbly gook. It is actually relevant and it’s just nice to see the number of connections growing”. 

He continued; “some have messaged us as well which is great. It’s just about being out there and getting the brand known.”

Andy said he would recommend 100 Pound Social to other business owners because: “the content is always correct, and you get your name out there for great value.” 

Describing his overall impression of our services as, “very professional, knowledgeable, and easy to deal with.”

Andy went on to praise his dedicated content team, describing it as, “one of the easiest relationships we’ve had in terms of things happening and working. It’s just great – we’re happy!”

“I think it’s great. The posts are on autopilot and we can just sit back and let it happen.”

If you’re ready to sit back and let your social media posts take care of themselves, we’d love for you to work with 100 Pound Social.

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