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Case Study

“Quality content at a sensible price”: Teacher Availability Sharing Platform Updatedge Develop the “right voice” on LinkedIn



“100 Pound Social has created a bedrock of quality content for the company to build on.”
Mark Payne
CEO, Updatedge

Case Study

Establishing an Online Business Presence with Expert Social Media Marketing

Updatedge works with schools to invite local workers to connect and share their availability – schools can then select the most suitable available workers via the platform. Supply teachers and support staff use the free mobile app to share their availability with local schools and other local businesses. 

Before coming to 100 Pound Social, the company was struggling to:

  • regularly commit to producing content; 
  • create interesting social media posts;
  • develop a strong online presence.

Now Updatedge is on the £100 Post Plan which includes 3 posts each week to the company’s LinkedIn and X (Twitter), as well as access to a Content Panel where Updateage review and approve the social media posts created by the 100 Pound Social team.

The Challenge

Producing Regular and Interesting Social Media Content 

CEO of Updatedge, Mark Payne, said that before working with 100 Pound Social, he knew the start up needed a social media presence but he found it difficult to commit to regularly producing content, “so I came to 100 Pound Social to take that pressure away from me.”

He needed a social media agency that could;

  • deliver consistent posts to build an online presence;
  • create interesting content to help the company stand out;
  • and target both sides of a complex market.

The Solution

Consistent Social Media Content in the Company’s Voice to Build its Brand

Working with 100 Pound Social has allowed Mark to build a foundation of high-quality content that fits the brand’s voice at the “sensible price” of £100 a month.

Mark has a dedicated UK-based Content Creator and Editor who create a new set of posts for Updatedge each month and notify Mark when the new content is ready to review in the Content Panel.

Mark says the whole process is “nice and clear”, and he was impressed by how quickly content was being created. “100 Pound Social is very responsive and is excellent at capturing the brand voice.”

He is also impressed by his Customer Success Manager, saying “they’re very responsive and quick to act on feedback.”

Posts Crafted

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“100 Pound Social has absolutely delivered value to the company with its quality content.”

The Results

An Impressive Social Media Presence in a Tough Market 

Updatedge is benefiting from the investment with 100 Pound Social in creating a “bedrock” for the company’s future of engaging, high-quality content. 

Mark says he’s confident “the consistent content is adding value” to the business.

Now Mark doesn’t have to struggle to find time to create posts and can trust 100 Pound Social to deliver the right content in the right voice for his brand.

He says “the consistent good quality content is great value for money and 100 Pound Social is so easy to deal with.”

“Thanks to 100 Pound Social, we now have a great foundation in the right voice on social media.”

If you’re ready to talk to your clients in the right voice on social media and develop a bedrock of great content, we’d love for you to work with 100 Pound Social.

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