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Case Study

How Cosensa Produce Sharable Content on LinkedIn and Facebook with 100 Pound Social



“It gives us a social media presence we wouldn't otherwise have. It’s money well spent.”
Laura MacMillan
Operations & Marketing Director, Cosensa Learning & Development

Case Study

With almost 20 years experience, Cosensa Learning & Development provides high-quality training programmes across a range of disciplines; from Leadership and Management, to Health and Safety. 

We chatted with the company’s Operations and Marketing Director Laura MacMillan, who shared her experience of working with 100 Pound Social.

Before signing up with 100 Pound Social, Laura said her team were trying to manage their socials in-house, but: “we felt there was no consistency with our online presence as we were strapped for time”.

Today, Cosensa Learning & Development are subscribed to our £100 Posts Plan, costing £100 +VAT per month. 

The plan provides Laura with a dedicated, UK-based Content Team. The team create 3 bespoke social media posts per week for Cosensa Learning & Development. The posts are published directly to the company’s LinkedIn and Facebook pages. 

Laura and her team:

  • have direct communications with their Customer Success Manager;
  • complete a short Monthly Review Form to provide feedback and make content requests.

The Challenge

Building a Robust Online Presence 

Like many busy small businesses, Cosensa Learning & Development were “not good at creating and building conversations through social media.” 

They wanted to build an authentic brand voice but Laura found, “social media fell off my radar. I was conscious that the only time I shared stuff was when I was trying to sell.”

The company were looking for a “balance between being a resource, being helpful, and being supportive”. They wanted to ensure their posts were “more than just sales.”

Lacking the time and resources to execute a successful social media strategy remained an issue until Cosensa Learning & Development discovered 100 Pound Social

When Laura first heard about us, she thought our plans sounded “too good to be true.”

The Solution

Creating Relevant and Informative Content 

After signing up for our £100 Posts Plan, Laura said the team at Cosensa Learning & Development found the Onboarding Process: “really good, straight-forward, and it didn’t take long.”

She says, “the initial communications back and forth were really clear,” and helped Laura feel confident allowing our team to take the reins.

Laura praised our Content Team for their thoroughness and intuition in terms of taking information on board and not constantly asking for help. 

She is delighted with the way the 100 Pound Social team has captured Cosensa Learning & Development’s brand voice in the posts and helped them build a presence on social media. 

She says the £100 Posts Plan, “has allowed us to be seen and that’s what we wanted”.

“We’ve had people constantly resharing posts which means they are being seen.

“The posts are at the professional level that we wanted and reflect our USP of being relationship-focused and engaged in the customer journey.

“The topical posts have been really good and very relevant to what we do.  You’ve found content that I wouldn’t have found myself. The way the posts are phrased is a good match for us.

“The posts are clearly very well-researched and we’ve been very pleased with the work. It’s excellent value for money and it’s allowing us to be seen online, which is exactly what we wanted.”

“The lines of communication are clear and straightforward.”

Posts Crafted

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It’s excellent value for money and it’s allowing us to be seen online – which is exactly what we wanted.”

The Results

Effortless Brand Consistency on Social Media

Laura is relieved that Cosensa Learning & Development’s social media content strategy now runs on autopilot.

She says ticking social media posts off her to-do list means, “one less thing to think about.” 

Her team believes their £100 per month investment in 100 Pound Social is:

  • “money well spent”;
  • a fraction of the price of alternative providers;
  • superior to other services in terms of time, onboarding process, and general simplicity.

Their monthly plan costs less than a Starbucks a day, and is a small price to pay to free up their time to focus on growing other aspects of the business. 

Laura summarised: “100 Pound Social makes social media marketing easy for us. It simplifies the process and gives us a presence we wouldn’t otherwise have had.” 

She described 100 Pound Social as: “good value, professional, and have made our lives easier.”

“The content team is very organised, focused and there have been no issues in terms of waiting for copy from your end.  We’ve been very impressed.”

“100 Pound Social makes social media marketing easy for us.”

If you’re ready to engage your audience on social media and consistently provide new clients with trusted resources, we’d love for you to come and work with 100 Pound Social.

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