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Case Study

“I’ve tipped over the 3,000 connection mark”: How Fortro Ltd Built Their Brand with 100 Pound Social



“It’s allowed me to reach people around the globe and freed up my headspace.”
Aileen Boyle
CEO, Fortro Ltd

Case Study

Reaching the Key Audience with Targeted Social Media Marketing

Strategic business consultancy Fortro Ltd enables businesses to maximise optimal growth using their current resources and to develop captivating growth strategies that intrigue investors.

Visionary Founder Aileen wanted to connect with more clients and create a strong brand on social media but couldn’t devote the necessary time to crafting consistent posts.

Forto Ltd is now on the £100 Post Plan, which includes:

  • three posts a week to Founder Aileen Boyle’s personal LinkedIn;
  • and three posts a week to the company’s Facebook page.

It also includes access to a Content Panel which allows Aileen to preview, edit and approve posts before they go live.


The Challenge

Finding Time to Create a Strong Presence on Social Media 

Founder and CEO of Fortro Ltd, Aileen Boyle, said that before working with 100 Pound Social, social media took up too much of her time and headspace, “I was at capacity and needed to get rid of the mental exhaustion.”

Aileen told us: “I needed a company which dealt with social media as its speciality in order to make the process super easy for me and bring a lot of value.”

She tried other social media services but found their feedback systems didn’t work, “I couldn’t express the voice and tone that was needed.”

The Solution

Providing an Extra Resource to the Business in a Cost Effective Way

The regular social media posts by 100 Pound Social have increased awareness of Fortro Ltd and grown the company’s online network, including Aileen’s personal network on LinkedIn.

Aileen is pleased with the consistent number of impressions the posts are generating on Linkedin. She says people have noticed her increased presence on the platform and have told her they love the content.

Aileen says working with 100 Pound Social has helped her business in several ways including:

  • creating a strong reputation;
  • building a brand;
  • showcasing her expertise;
  • and communicating with her target audience. 

When asked about working with her Content Team at 100 Pound Social, Aileen says giving feedback is “so much easier than starting with a blank sheet of paper.” 

After providing 100 Pound Social with feedback on drafted content, the fast turnaround time means she’s never kept waiting for changes to be made. She says: “it’s easy and I still have control.”

She continued by praising the content of the posts, saying “matching my voice is really important and the posts now do that consistently. The messaging and brand voice are clear.”

Posts Crafted

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“Using 100 Pound Social helps me build my brand reputation, showcase my expertise, and communicate with my target audience.’’

The Results

Connecting with the Right People Through a Strong Social Media Presence

Aileen says she’s now connecting with hundreds more influential people, thanks to the pitch-perfect posts by 100 Pound Social

She says: “In the last 12 months…I’ve tipped over the 3,000 connection mark. And the type of people I’m connecting to… they’re influential people themselves.’’

‘‘When it’s LinkedIn… you have to make sure that what is written is absolutely you, so that [prospects] can make that informed decision whether or not they want to connect.’’

Aileen says if you’re serious about growing your business, outsourcing to specialist service 100 Pound Social is a must – and she’s recommended 100 Pound Social to several other companies.

She says that 100 Pound Social, “helps bolster the team and is a valuable way of getting extra resources.” 

She adds, “it’s allowed me to reach people around the globe and freed up my headspace.”

Aileen is also very happy with how easy it is to work with 100 Pound Social, saying she loves the speedy communication and feels supported by the team.

She says: “It’s a great business and such a simple idea, but it’s the simple things that make the biggest impact.”

‘‘I couldn’t and wouldn’t have the LinkedIn posting campaign [and] social media presence if I hadn’t signed up to 100 Pound Social.”

“100 Pound Social is a cost effective way of creating brand presence on LinkedIn.”

If you’re ready to increase your presence on social media, we’d love for you to work with 100 Pound Social.

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