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The Best Budget Video Making Platforms For Startups (No Tech Skills Needed!)

By Eve Carrie
September 10, 2019

We all know that social media is one of the most effective ways to reach the masses. However, do you know what kind of content converts best in terms of sparking interest and increasing your return on investment? 

Would you like your business to maximise on the benefits of marketing using social media? If your answer is yes, then you must go for the content type that works best.

There are two main types of content that your business can put out there;

  • Text
  • Video


Scientifically, human beings have a very short attention span. The average amount of time it takes your audience to concentrate on your content is just 8 seconds.

Therefore, if you want maximum engagement, it helps to know the best type of content to keep your audience glued to their screens. 

So, between text and video, which one can capture your audiences’ attention more?  

A 2017 report by Vidyard shows that video content has a higher return on investment than text content.

According to the findings, 70% of marketers reported that video content outperformed other content types conversion-wise. 

Video marketing is quickly gaining momentum in the marketing world. If you haven’t already taken advantage of this powerful marketing strategy to promote and grow your brand, perhaps it’s time you did.

Benefits of video marketing

Boosting engagement

Video content is captivating hence fun to watch. Your viewers are more likely to click on footage and take action after watching a video than after reading text on an AD. 

Animations options

Animations allow you to personalise your content. 

Video content is memorable

A reader is more likely to remember something that they watched rather than something they read somewhere. 

Watching a video takes less time than reading text

It takes far less time to pass a message using a video than using text.

Use of non-verbal communication

Videos can display emotions that text can’t, helping your audience clearly understand your message.


It’s possible to include text, podcasts, and infographics in a video, unlike all other content mediums. 


Viewers are likely to share video content that they find relatable and interesting. 

Higher ranking

Video content ranks better than any other content type. Therefore, if you want to rank higher in search engines results; video content is the way to go. 

 As much as video content is a hit with both marketers and audiences, it has some drawbacks. The form of marketing can be expensive if you don’t know where to look. Some video making platforms also require some technical training before use.

Therefore if you’re a start-up on a budget, the costs of producing a video can be painstakingly expensive both money and time-wise.

Luckily, we’ve compiled some of the best video platforms. The platforms are both budget-friendly and user-friendly. 

Top 6 video platforms to use on social media


Reevio visit site

Reevio allows you to create stunning videos in just a matter of minutes. Unlike most video making platforms, you don’t need any experience to use Reevio. 

The platform also has a variety of templates that allow you to tailor-make your content, and the end result is output that suits your business. 

 Reevio has no limitations when it comes to the number of clips that you can add. You can add as many clips as you’d like, allowing you to capture everything that you’d like to convey in your marketing video. 

 Whether you have your pictures or not, you can still make professional videos by selecting media from the website. The platform also allows you to edit your video later and fix errors. 

 Here are Reevio features at a glance;

  • Drag and drop interface
  • Video preview
  • Dynamic video creation
  • Sharing on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube
  • Browser-based web app
  • Top-notch customer service
  • Customizing text option

Animoto visit site

Animoto is yet another video maker than requires no experience. Animoto uses an easy to use drag-drop interface, allowing you to create your content in minutes. The platform offers you a free trial period, allowing you to experiment with its features before making a purchase. 

Animoto features

  • Over a million stock photos from Getty Images 
  • Flexible templates that are easy to customize
  • Inbuilt video sharing options
  • Easy to use drag-n’drop tool
  • Music library and voice over tools
  • Watermarking options

Loom visit site

Loom is a video creation software that allows you to capture videos using a front-facing camera. After taking your footage, all you need to do is share it via a simple link.

Loom is stress-free to use, as it doesn’t require any uploading or app switching. The tool also has an encryption feature that makes it impossible for hackers to access your data. 

Biteable visit site

Like Reevio and Animoto, Biteable requires no expertise to create shareable videos in minutes. The software has inbuilt templates, music library, and animation features that allow you to create any effects that you prefer.

If you want to add your brand’s logo to make your content more professional, Biteable offers that option. The tool allows you to customize your logo down to your corporate colour. 

Viddyoze visit site

If you want to create stunning studio-quality videos, try Viddyoze. The software is a favourite amongst businesses and marketers because it comes with full automation and requires no prior experience. 

Viddyoze features;

  • Over 170 templates
  • Easy to use professional live animations
  • Social media shares
  • Seamless transitions
  • Compelling outros to help with your call to action 
  • Movie-like filters
  • 100% cloud-based

Promo visit site

Promo is professional video making software that comes with groundbreaking technology. 

Promo features;

  • Social calendar
  • Thousands of customizable templates
  • High definition visuals from Shutterstock and Getty Images
  • 5-star customer service team with a live chat option


In conclusion

Using videos as part of your marketing strategy can help you drive traffic, increase sales, and engage your audience more. However, it’s paramount that you make your videos compelling to incline your audience to take action.

Make your content concise and relatable. Please also note that interesting, and informative videos are more likely to go viral than dull lengthy versions. 

Remember to optimise your titles, thumbnails, tags, slugs and descriptions for better ranking. 

Options like Reevio, Animoto, Loom, Biteable, Viddyoze, and Promo are some of the best video makers in the market. The platforms are easy to use and cost-effective, making them suitable for novice users on a budget.  


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