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Let’s Be Clear On LinkedIn Hashtags

By Victoria Lee
August 23, 2019

Hashtags and social media have long gone hand-in-hand as a tool to inform, update and search for topics of interest. However, whilst their use is a given on most platforms, hashtagging on LinkedIn has been a bit of a hokey-cokey affair – they’ve been in, out, in, out and shaken all about for years. But with the platform now fully behind their use its time to start tagging. 

But are you one of the many hesitant users? Surely hashtagging is a little informal for such a professional platform? Fear not, there are huge benefits and, with just a few tweaks, you can ensure your reputation remains intact while your exposure rockets.

Why should I Hashtag on LinkedIn?

It’s all about exposure! And as with many things, the more, the better. The more people see you and your brand, the more likely people are to purchase, use and recommend you to others. To increase and maximise your exposure you have to reach a wider audience. That’s where hashtagging comes in. Whether you want to publicise an event or product launch, or maybe promote awareness of a cause or simply make yourself known, hashtagging that will get you there. 

What should I Hashtag?  

With just a little thought and creativity in your tags, you are not only more discoverable but also ready to connect with people who are interested in you. You could hashtag anything from your business name, a tag created for products or services, or simple using emotions, feelings and moods to help attract attention. 

When should I Hashtag?

As with any platform, tagging should happen when you publish your post to draw attention to it. However, it’s important to note that on LinkedIn you can only add pre-selected tags to a post at the time of publication. Although you can edit the text later, you cannot change the tags so choose wisely.

Where should I Hashtag?

There is a debate whether you should create a hashtag within the post text or after the copy on a separate line, both for style and professionalism. As a guide, if the text you wish to hashtag is naturally within the post, then it is simpler to hashtag it in-situ. If you already have a specific hashtag in mind that doesn’t already appear in the text body, then add it separately at the end.

How should I Hashtag?

It is at this point you should remind yourself that LinkedIn is still a work-based platform and can be seen by colleagues and employers, present and future. So think carefully before posting any career-limiting hashtags! Keep #IHateMyJob and #MyJobSucks for your personal accounts.

Here are a few more tagging do’s and don’ts:

  • DO take the time to research a new tag to ensure it’s not in use by someone else or, even worse, has an alternate meaning
  • DO capitalise tags with more than one word (anyone remember the chaos caused by #nowthatchersdead?)
  • DON’T overdo it. Limit your hashtags, five or six is more than enough
  • DO spell check your tags. They are often overlooked, but a typo is embarrassing at best
  • DON’T use punctuation within a tag, but include normal punctuation – such as full stop or commas – around it.

Now you’ve got the knowledge, you have no excuse. Get #LinkedInHashtagging!

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