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9 Stunning FREE Stock Photo Websites

By Victoria Lee
May 18, 2019
Stop endlessly scouring the web for free images to use in your social media posts! Here are some of the best places to find stunning FREE images online – without copyright limitations. Scroll down to peruse an Aladdin’s cave of professional photography, covering every category under the sun. Bookmark this page now and say goodbye to the days of cheesy, dull stock photos! Disclaimer: Although most of these are royalty-free sites, it’s always worth double-checking image licenses individually and giving credit to the owner if applicable.  

1. Unsplash

What: Landscapes, nature, lifestyle and travel. Search Function: Yes Image Categories: Yes We Say: Perfect for stunning landscape images, wide, natural imagery, and business photos.  

2. SplitShire

What: Beautiful natural photography, macro shots, and travel. Search Function: Yes Image Categories: Yes We Say: Perfect for aesthetic, artistic shots to make your social media posts really stand out.  

3. Creative Commons

What: Creative Commons includes a handy function that allows you to search specifically for copy-right free images, video and illustrations via a number of third-party sites, including Google Images, Wikimedia Commons and Flickr. Search Function: Yes Image Categories: No, but it does have Collections curated by museums and other organisations which are pretty cool. We Say: A mixture of professional and amateur photography. Great if you are searching for a very specific image. Double check licensing on each image as some restrictions apply.  

4. Pexels 

What: Pexels claims to be ‘The world’s first inclusive free stock photo & video library’, featuring some incredibly artistic photographers and videographers from around the world. Search Function: Yes Image Categories: Not per se, but there are collections of images ranging from colours to photography styles. We Say: Some beautiful photography encompassing people, culture, nature, urban, and abstract.  

5. Stokpic 

What: Beautiful, high quality bright, happy images. Search Function: Yes Image Categories: Yes, but these can be very niche! We Say: StokPic will provide you with the perfect Insta-worthy images, so get browsing!  

6. Life of Pix   

What: Some of the most breathtaking nature, landscape, and travel shots we’ve ever seen! Search Function: Yes Image Categories: Yes We Say: Nature photography is the main feature of Life of Pix, but check out their Cities and People photos too.  

7. Gratisography  

What: Quirky, random images made to put a smile on your face. Search Function: Yes Image Categories: Yes We say: If you’re looking for something to spice up a blog post, or just to brighten up your day, then Gratisography is for you.  

8. Picjumbo

What: A real mixed bag, from cars and transport, to travel and lifestyle, and food and flat lays. Search Function: Yes Image Categories: Yes We Say: Definitely aimed towards a younger audience, these images would be perfect for blog posts and Instagram.  

9. Foodiesfeed 

What: Everything delicious and edible under the sun! Search Function: Yes Image Categories: Yes We Say: Whether you’re after a photograph of a healthy salad or a top view of a cheeseboard, you will find it here in mouth-watering, crystal-clear quality. Is it lunchtime yet?  

Bonus Sites!

And because we like to spoil you, here’s another 9 copyright free image sites – added May 2020!:  

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