Supercharged Facebook Ads: How your monthly adverts budget is spent

Written by Victoria Lee

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Your Supercharged Facebook Ads Booster grows your company’s presence on Facebook, gets your business and posts in front of your ideal customers, and grows an engaged audience of prospects around your Facebook Page.

Each month, we spend £70 of your Supercharged Facebook Ads plan price on Facebook Ads on your Page.

This post explain the types of ads we generally advise spending your budget on. (Depending on your company’s Facebook goals, we may advise a different ads spend split.)

1. Page Likes Campaign

Page Like Adverts appear in front of your ideal customers and prompt them to ‘Like’ your Facebook Page. Once they have Liked your page, your Facebook posts may appear in their Newsfeed.

Page Likes Campaign for our client, ByKathryn

The number of new Page Likes your page will gain over the month varies depending on your industry, the product or services you are selling, your target audience, and many other factors. 

2. Post Boosts

Every week we ‘boost’ your two best Facebook Posts to ensure they reach your ideal customers.

Boosts guarantees that the post will appear on your ideal customers’ Newsfeed to help them discover your Page and business.

Your boosted posts will received extra Likes, comments, shares, and click-throughs.

Post Boost campaign for our client, Auto Service Finance

Report and review

We continually work with you to adapt your Supercharged Facebook Ads booster to ensure it is meeting your company’s unique goals.

During your Onboarding process, you will be shown how to access your Facebook Ads account so you can review your campaign at any time.

We also ask you to keep us updated on specific business events and news, so we can ensure we are boosting the Facebook Posts on your Page which are most important to you.  

Content Panel Access

Get Content Panel Access for £29 a month (or FREE when Instagram is part of your 100 Posts Plan!)

With Content Panel Access you can:

  • Preview your social media posts before they are published
  • Schedule additional posts
  • Access your drag and drop editorial calendar
  • View powerful social media analytics
  • Generate exportable PDF reports in seconds

Create a FREE customised social media plan for your business

Every business is different. Start your unique social media journey!


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