Plan Personalisation Process: How it works

Written by Victoria Lee

After signing up for your risk-free trial, your social media plan is further tailored to your company’s specific goals and requirements during our Plan Personalisation Process. This Process takes place during the first 10-days after you sign-up. Your plan goes live on day 10.


Create your customised social media plan, then sign-up for your risk-free trial.

Work with us 100% risk-free during your Plan Personalisation Process, and then watch your plan kick into action. No obligations, no commitment.

We’re sure you’re going to be chuffed, but if your plan doesn’t hit your sweet point, get a full-refund* anytime during your 14-day trial period – no questions asked.

*Plans that include Supercharged Facebook Ads will be refunded minus the cost of the ads budget spent.


Complete this questionnaire after signing up for your risk-free trial

Your answers help us understand your business and social media goals, and give us the information needed to plan your social media posts and put in place growth strategies for your Rocket Growth Booster platforms.

The questionnaire covers the following topics (and more):

  • Your business and your products or services
  • Your competitors
  • Your target customers / clients
  • Your brand voice
  • Your brand message
  • Websites or blogs that interest your audience
  • Key topics 
  • Hashtags requests (we also conduct full hashtag research)
  • Specific news or events
  • Images in your social media posts
  • Access to your social media pages

If you have selected Rocket Growth Boosters, we will also ask you about your growth and engagement goals and targets.

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An expert team member is matched to your account

Louise, our Head of Social Media Success (left), will be your point of contact at 100 Pound Social. After completing your Plan Personalisation Questionnaire, Louise will match your account with a member of our Social Media Team who specialises in social media for your industry. This team member will be your dedicated Social Media Manager.


Your Social Media Manager further tailors your plan to your business

Your dedicated Social Media Manager begins by studying your Plan Personalisation Questionnaire, before researching into:

  • Your company’s existing online presence
  • Your current social media presence (if any)
  • The best hashtags for your posts

If your Social Media Manager needs further information or has any questions, we will setup a call with you.


Your first month of £100 Plan Posts are created just for you

Your dedicated Social Media Manager gets down to the most important task: creating your social media posts.

If you would like to view your social media posts before they are published, you can get access to your posts for £29 per month.


Tactics to grow your Growth Booster pages are planned

Rocket Growth Boosters provide the ‘growth activity’ necessary to grow your social media pages, and ensure your ideal customers see and engage with your social media posts.

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Every post we create for you is subject to our A-P-P to check its quality and effectiveness


A – Analyse content

Ensure your social media posts meet your unique brand requirements, brand voice, values, and much more

P – Performance Gold Standard

Grammatical accuracy, relevance, style, and engagement (likes, comments, shares) potential

P – Personal Goals

Check each posts, and any Growth Boosters tactics are fully aligned with your goals and expectations


Your plan goes live 10 days after you signed up

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Review your posts and Rocket Growth Booster results

Every month you’ll be asked to review your social media plan, feedback on our work, and let us know about any events or offers you’d like us to post about to your social media pages over the next 4 weeks.

We also welcome feedback at any time throughout the month, and you’re welcome to let us know about events and offers as they come up via email.

Create a FREE customised social media plan for your business

Every business is different. Start your unique social media journey!


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