Customer Success Story: FitSprint

Written by Victoria Lee
FitSprint founder Maria Ferrer Lori is on a mission to give fitness instructors and personal trainers the digital presence they need to successfully run their business – without needing to spend hours tied to a computer.

FitSprint allows fitness professionals to easily publish a website and take online bookings, as well as providing the marketing and management tools instructors need to run a business successfully – all for a nominal monthly fee.

The seed stage startup is on track to serve 1.3 million US-based fitness instructors in 2019.

Maria launched FitSprint (while pregnant with twins!) on the back of her own experience as a yoga and Zumba teacher. 

The company have signed up to 100 Pound Social’s 100 Posts Plan (Facebook and Twitter) since August 2017.

Social media

In August 2017,  Maria decided she needed help managing FitSprint’s social media pages.

“Searching for content to post to our social media pages was really starting to get in my way of actually running the business.”

“Then I got pregnant with twins… time suddenly became scarce so I started to search for an affordable and convenient way to outsource our social media.

The affordability of 100 Pound Social caught my attention. £100 a month for social media made me do a double take.”


FitSprint Founder Maria Ferrer Iori

FitSprint Founder Maria

FitSprint signed up to 100 Pound Social’s 100 Posts Plan in August 2017

The decision to outsource and prioritise allowed Maria and her team to focus entirely on getting the funding required to grow FitSprint.

In August 2017, the sole female founder (then 6 months pregnant with twins) received £225,000 in funding from The Zag Seed Fund and Angel Investor Simon Wolanski.

Our social media now runs itself perfectly,” says Maria.

“I check our Facebook and Twitter feeds at the end of each day and I’m continually amazed at how 100 Pound Social has managed to understand our brand and customers so well. It’s as if they were in-house!

“I’ve been able to learn a lot about our customers by seeing how our customers respond to the content 100 Pound Social shares – that’s been very cool for me!”

Building FitSprint’s social media presence

As well as ensuring FitSprint’s pages are full of fresh content, Maria was also keen to grow and expand the company’s social media presence.

“The real value of working with 100 Pound Social has been building our social media following and presence without letting this take up all (or hardly any) of my time.

“I check into our social media to respond to comments or chat with our customers who’ve reached out via Facebook or Twitter, but really our social media just runs itself.”

Maria says: “If you need to develop your presence on social media but don’t have hours to spend poring over articles and looking for content (and if you do, I envy you!) then I really recommend using 100 Pound Social.”

Find out more about FitSprint at or visit FitSprint’s Facebook Page.

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